Friday, 20 February 2009

Bag lady

One of the benefits of finally moving in with the boyfriend will be an end to my current role as Official Bag Lady of Hull.

I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time either packing or unpacking a bag of clothes as I briefly appear at home before dashing off to his parents' place.

This is not an official snub of my Mother's home but more a situation of convenience. I only have a single bed which would be fine but for the fact that he stands at 6'6" and I come in at a not inconsiderable 5'10" - both of us in a single bed would be comical. He also leaves for work ridiculously early as he has to travel to Sheffield each day - all round easier if I just stay at his then.

I do find myself having nights at home, not because I don't want to see him or spend time with him but because I cannot face slinging my stuff in a bag to make another trip.

I long for the day when I come home.....and that's it. No thinking "right what do I want to wear for work tomorrow" (a decision always best left to the morning I feel). No checking that I have clean knickers, socks, deoderant (on several occasions I have been forced to spend the day smelling of Lynx), hairbrush or eye make up remover.

Ah eye make up remover. For some reason I have a mental block when it comes to this item. I just cannot seem to remember it, leading me to try and wipe away the smudges with my fingers the next morning and finally just applying more make up on top of yesterday's. It's a wonder I haven't gone blind/seen all my eyelashes fall out.

I may even have a retirement ceremony for my beloved Primark weekend bag. It has served me well through my travels across Hull and was £6 very well spent. I hope it doesn't resent me too much as it's forced into early retirement to gather dust on a shelf as my cross-city travels come to an end...

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