Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Tree project - the beginning

A couple of months after we had moved in together we were sat on the settee watching television and the boyfriend commented on how much the tree outside had changed since we'd been living here. It had gone from a barren, twiggy mess to having a million little buds adorning his (her?) limbs.

We live on a main road so greenery is few and far between. This tree peers in the window at us morning and night.

Unfortunately I must have missed the lesson in school where we learnt about nature because i am hopeless at naming trees and plants. I know it's not a conker tree and I know it's not a poplar tree - that's my tree repertoire exhausted. Anybody got any ideas?

Anyway when the boyfriend commented on the changes a little thought took seed in my mind. "You should take photos of the tree and document the changes."

However many of the ideas that are planted in my head, rarely come to fruition, which is why, four months later I've finally got around to starting it.

So here's the beginning - everybody meet Mr Tree (if you feel like coming up with a name for him then do let me know).
September - his leaves have become a deep, deep green and his red berries sparkle when the sun is shining, providing food for the many birds that swoop about outside, taunting the visitors when they come to stay.

See you in October!


Callan said...

I've thought about trying to do something like this, every day for a year, and then run the photos together for a time-lapse film of the view from my window or something. Unsurprisingly, never got round to it, but it's nice to see I'm not the only one wanting to chart the seasons.

The Curious Cat said...

ooo from far away I think it could be Rowan but I'd need to see a close up of the leaves. If it is Rowan you know you can use the berries to make rowan and apple jelly to go with your pork?! Don't take my word for it though - I need to see closer up, I could be wrong.

When I was very little I was friends with an oak tree- I used to write it letters and my dad would lift me up and I'd put the letter on this sort of ledge it had - along with a few coloured smarties. Then one day a building construction company came along and tore the wood down to build I lost my friend the tree. :( xxx

Ana said...

I just found your blog via Heather at Little Tin Bird and I love your tree project. I keep meaning to do something like this but it's only got as far as the idle thought stage.
I think it might be a rowan too, but I agree with the Curious Cat, some close up photos of the leaves (when they come out again) would probably sort things out.