Monday, 21 September 2009

How to cure a hangover.

You might have guessed from my last post that I was the tiniest bit hungover on Saturday this weekend. I should have known it was going to happen, my last words to the boyfriend as I left to go to the pub was "I won't be late".

I mean it really all depends on your definition of late. In between finishing my undergraduate degree and starting my Masters degree I spent a year back in Hull, working to fund the upcoming degree. I did work all the time but I also went out all the time and 'late' by my definition meant about 4am.

2am was just a regular old coming in time. But whatever...

I have tried and tested many hangover remedies in my time. I think I hit on some quite good ones this weekend.

1. The crisp method

A very good tried and tested method of old. I rely heavily on this remedy, to the extent that I will make sure that I have crisps in the house before I go out. I'm pretty sure there is a medical explanation that backs me up on this one. Something about salt. Although I thought that a hangover is caused by dehydration and I thought salt dehydrated you....anyway I'm no Dr but I know I felt rough and half way down a big bag of bacon rashers I felt a hell of a lot better.

2. The good boyfriend method

He did his job well this weekend. No berating or laughing at me for the state that I was in. He supplied me with bacon in the morning, bacon rashers mid-morning, left me to sleep in the afternoon, sorted out dinner in the evening, put in (and unloaded) two rounds of washing and was generally wonderful.

3. The something to keep you occupied method

I felt too tired for reading, I didn't think I'd be able to concentrate on what was going on. So I decided for my fall-back 'keeping me occupied habit'. Cross stitch. The stitch of cross. And it did keep me occupied. Oh and by the way, Christmas has already begun in this household...

4. The baking method

Definitely one to try only if you're not feeling queasy. Luckily the hangover was not on the borderline of vomiting so late afternoon I decided that it was time to get in the kitchen. I needed to feel as if I'd been productive and hadn't wasted an entire day. Also Autumn is most definitely in the air and I needed something comforting to keep me feeling warm. However I was well aware that I wasn't up for a grand design so I went for the easiest thing I can do - a bit of apple crumble.

Add all those together and you will have your hangover cured.

(you could possibly need the help of some paracetemol during the day)


Hayles said...

I don't really get hangovers, but if I'm feeling a bit bleh the morning after, I swear by full fat Coke.
I love the cross stitch - the company that does the more modern embroidery patterns is Sublime Stitching :)

miss*H said...

A big pint of fruit juice and a paracetamol or two works wonders for me. And occasionally a big veggie fry-up, although that tends to make me want to sleep afterwards

The Curious Cat said...

I just go for the Dominos Pizza option and a movie....usually does the trick! Though I once had the champagne hangover from hell...I was told that orange juice helps with that sort of hangover but I was skeptical at the time...found out later that actually it is supposed to work - was rather surprised...wish I'd tried it then! Instead I just endured it under the duvet with much groaning - even Dominos was out of the question that day...and I never want to see dill and salmon gravalax again after that night...

Anonymous said...

This sweet advice has come a little to late for me, although I'm still feeling tired and weak from my excesses on Saturday.

Great ideas though. I always find it difficult to sleep with a hangover but Mr P could sleep for England. I opted for the tv and lots of squash on Sunday snuggled up with the cat.

Love your cross-stitching, especially the snowflakes. They're gorgeous! x

Garden Girl said...

Ok, am going to share with you the BEST hangover cure ever.
That is, take a pint glass, half fill with full fat coke, top up with orange juice and drink. It looks disgusting, but you will feel AMAZING afterwards. Works every time, never fails. Honest.x