Friday, 18 September 2009

Things I love about my house....Part 2



I blogged a long time ago about the amount of junk that got offloaded on us when we first moved in to the flat.
This little baby was the exception.
We were round at the boyfriend's parent's house, discussing all the things that we needed before we moved in. I was happily making my lists and shouting things out as they came to me.

"Oh my god, a hoover! We don't have a hoover!" I exclaimed (unthinkable for a clean freak like me).

The boyfriend's grandma piped up, "I've got a hoover you can have. I've had it a while and haven't used it lately but it still works fine".

Problem solved.

When we went to pick it up my eyes nearly fell out of my head...

Talk about vintage!!

We of course gratefully accepted and took it to the flat with us.

"There's no way I'm plugging that in, we'll blow the eletrics in the entire place", I said.

Until we could figure out what to do with it I stuck it in the alcove just as you come in the front door. But it drew such gasps of admiration (and laughter) from visitors that I wouldn't dream of getting rid of it.
So he has officially become antique corner. And long may he stay there.


Trish said...

How cool is that...I certainly grew up with a very similar looking 'hoover'. Now adays there are so many different kinds of vacum cleaners that we forget that the hoover was the ONE AND ONLY! Grin.

The Curious Cat said...

Aw how cute! xxx