Monday, 14 September 2009

Why I am special

I am special because today I did a 'good thing'.

I gave blood and look I took a photo of my arm to prove it. Look see.

I like giving blood because it makes me feel brave and like a nice person because I'm doing something to help other people. And even though I'm not a cool rare blood type, it's ok because as I'm the most common blood type there is that means that I can help most people.

Also it makes me feel a little bit light headed as if I've had a few glasses of wine and I'm all for a natural high (especially one that's free).

And I tell myself that I have to eat lots of chocolate to keep my blood sugar up.

But today was even more special than any old regular blood donation day. Today I actually was special because I reached my very first blood donation milestone.

I have donated 10 whole times.

And I got a certificate and a badge to celebrate my specialness.

The boyfriend is more special than me however because he's donated 13 or 14 times. My competitiveness knows no bounds, I'm desperate to catch up with him and beat him so that I've given blood more times than him. However it's pretty difficult to catch up when you have to wait 4 months before you can donate again. I'm trying to persuade him to get a tattoo, then he can't donate for a year and I could get some in and catch's not right to be that kind of competitive.

I told the boyfriend I'm going to frame my certificate and hang it in the flat.

He thinks I'm joking.

PS Oh my goodness just how much have I got to tell you about this weekend?! This weekend when I saw Jay-Z, Coldplay and Florence & The Machine all in 24 hours!! I know! But being special and giving blood also makes me mighty tired so I'm going to sleep now instead.


The Curious Cat said...

How did you see all of those in 24 hours? You weren't at Bestival were you?! But Coldplay weren't there were they?!

It is great you give blood - I'm too much of a wuss but I should actually as the last set of blood tests I did were a walk in the park. I used to be underweight in the past and forbidden but I really don't think that is a problem now... still, be careful. Don't go eating a rich meal with wine after - some silly lady did that once and as the waitress serving her I had a lovely time paniking and calling an ambulance when she collapsed and also cleaning up her vom afterwards! Thanks lady! Yes, you did a good thing giving blood but you kind of did a bad thing after that by being careless and er ruining my day! xxx

Soph said...

"He thinks I'm joking." HA HA HA. I know better.

miss*H said...

10 times! I'm jealous, i was on the cusp of getting my blue card but now I'm banned from donating blood again as I have very low blood pressure and faint after every donation. I've tried to convince the oh to donate but he won't.

I want a badge! :)