Thursday, 10 September 2009

How clean is your house?

My name is The Girl and I'm a clean freak.


Glad I got that off my chest.

I really do like things clean and I know that there is more to life than having a clean house (don't worry, I'm not so bad that I would cancel a night out to clean the toilet) but dirt and mess just stresses me out.

I think it's mess that bothers me more than actual dirt - as long as there isn't crap lying about everywhere I'm happy to leave the hoovering for another week.

Most of our spats usually happen over cleaning though. And it's probably not what you think - it's not that he doesn't do any cleaning, it's that he does and either a) gets in the way or b) does it wrong.

The thing is I'm really happy to clean. I like it. It gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction to sit down in a nicely hoovered and dusted room or walk into a sparkly kitchen. It makes me feel calm and serene. The boyfriend however is not really a great cleaner - I remember his room before we moved in together, actually I have nightmares about it. It was were dust and piles of clothes came to die.

However he's not so bad in the flat, mainly because he knows what I'm like so he does try to do his bit. He does need to be prompted - usually I just need to start cleaning and it won't be long before he appears and starts waving a duster around.

I do appreciate his attempts to help but sometimes it would be better if he just left me to it, mainly because I usually end up going round after him and doing the bits he missed.

For example...

The boyfriend took charge of dusting the living room one day. Excellent. A couple of hours later I happened to be stood by the window and looked closely at the TV.

"Erm. Did you dust the screen?"

" I didn't do that bit."

Okaaay. TV. Fairly large dominant item in the room. Not dusted. I cast my eyes nervously over to the shelves containing all our DVDs and books.

"And did you dust all the shelves?"


To this day I'm unsure of what he did in the room. Maybe he just showed the duster to the living room and expected the dust to jump on it?

No. I know I shouldn't complain. I should simply bask in the fact that I have a boyfriend that is willing to help me with the household chores. know.....I'm ok with it. I don't mind being a 50s stepford wife in this case.

Now where did I put that cream cleaner?....


Callan said...

This probably not being the place to admit that I have never dusted anything in my life. Agreed re: mess rather than dirt stuff though. I like to think the dirt helps my immune system =)

Boomka said...

Oh man I know what you mean. I'm not a neat freak but my mom taught me to clean so well that when I watch other people try to clean sometimes I can't believe at how outraged I am that they are doing it wrong. Don't you know how to was a spoon damn it? Put some back into it! Why are you making the bed like that? That doesn't even count! Oy, stress.

The Curious Cat said...

Poo I just wrote a long entry and lost it! As I was saying...I am a mega clean freak - just like you but I don't really do dust as I'm allergic - but give me sinks, surfaces, carpets etc etc and I am with you all the way! I have a rather ocd attitude to cleaning - when I was young I'd make my friend clean her mum's house (mum was at work) so it would be a nice surprise for her when she got back and I also used to sneak into my little brother and sister's room at night when they slept to clean their rooms and make huge teddy bear displays to surprise yeah along with being friends with trees I was kind of a weird kid! xxx

Anonymous said...

Why do I feel like I could have written your post myself? It was like I was reading the story of my life. One day Mr P will earn oodles of money and then I can...stay at home and keep the house clean and tidy. I don't want a cleaner as I believe they force you to clean the house before they come so you're not too embarassed!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I really enjoyed reading your comments. I'm sure you'll make it to Ikea again soon. I've got to go back as one of our picture frames doesn't match - grrr. But maybe I can treat myself with a hot dog! x

Poppy said...

Never leave a man to do a job properly!

Diane said...

I'm a bit of a Slummy Mummy when it comes to housework. Its not my favorite pastime, infact, its my least. However, I periodically have a blitz and its great to see the fruits of my labour and see the house looking spic and span for about 10 minutes till the family come in, then it looks as if its not been touched!! xx

miss*H said...

I'm a self confessed clean freak too. I have been known to cry beacuse I have spent a whole morning cleaning the house top to bottom and then the oh has put a cup somewhere or invited our friends back (who will mess up the house). However, I never dust ever. Thats the oh's job once in a while.