Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What's in a name?

Having the babies here this week has been great so far. Although I do feel a little bad for them; they are outdoor cats and I feel kind of mean that they're here in the flat and can't go out and play. They make their own mischief though, the favourite currently being to climb up on to the shelving units and then watch as I freak out trying to get them off without it resulting in everything falling off and breaking.

It's been over this week though that I've realised that we call them by a number of different variations on their names. In fact it's very rarely that we called them by their actual names. So I have come up with a list of the varying names we call them....

PRESENTING: THE FRED. Also known as.....

Freddie Fredster
Frederick The Ginger Whinger

Frederico Most beautiful boy

Little Boy Ready Fred Go


PRESENTING: THE LILY. Also known as.....

Lily-Billy Bee-Bop Billy-Bob Thornton

The Bilster

Billy Bobskin Slinky Minxy

Billy Little Girl

The Bilmonster


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The Curious Cat said...

YUp, I know how it is. I think a lot of cat owners are like this. Our Marley gets named white beast, the fiend, marlenbrando, beastly beast etc. Bubba gets named friendly beast, bubbaloo, brown beast etc etc....and cats before this have had similiar treatment...why? Erm...not sure I just hope it doesn't carry over if I ever have a baby otherwise they are going to be rather confused.