Monday, 13 April 2009

The visitors

We've had an eventful this weekend thanks to the arrival of two little furry visitors in the shape of Fred and Lily, my Mum's cats. Mum was going away to my sister's for Easter so we said we'd look after them while she was away. They're about 8 months old now and are the best of friends, Lily is very much Fred's protector and keeps an eye out for him. Fred is the soppy one - loves absolutely everybody and is only interested in cuddles and affection. He's also the little scaredy cat - he's very friendly but just takes a while to get his confidence around new people. Lily is more forthright and ballsy, stalks right up to new people and demands their attention.

However, coming to a new place out of the blue unsettled them a little bit and for the first half hour or so didn't want to come out of their box to explore their new surroundings!
However once they got their confidence there was no stopping them as they explored every inch of their new surroundings and, as predicted, Fred was quick to climb to the top of our shelving units and walk along our DVD collection. He loves climbing things and whatever keeps him from climbing our curtains is fine by me!
It actually wasn't such a bad thing because we're looking after them for a week at the end of April and this weekend was a chance to see what they get up to because we'll be at work when they're here again so we need to make sure the flat is well kitty-proofed! Having watched him clamber all over things I now know that all plants/ornaments/cards need to be removed as they're only going to be knocked down in all likelihood.

They were soon happy at home though and curled up with one another on the settee which is their favourite place to be.

We've taken them back to Mum's now and I'm missing them so much already. We're not allowed cats in the flat because it's rented but I wouldn't have them anyway, cats need to be outside and a first floor flat isn't really the right place for them. Doesn't mean that I don't want them though. I've lived with cats all my life and not having them about just doesn't feel right. I need a substitute although I've no idea what at the moment.

I'll just have to bide my time, at least I only have another couple of weeks to go until I get them for another week!

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