Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Our first guests

So we are due to have our first overnight guests on Friday night but unfortunately I'm not going to be here as I'm travelling down South to see an old friend.

The guests are friends of my boyfriends, who are travelling up from Birmingham to stay the night before they all head to Whitby for the weekend.

It makes me feel a little antsy to be honest. I wanted to be here for the first time that people stayed over; I wanted to play host. I wanted to cook and have everything all pretty and looking nice for when they arrived. It's not that the boyfriend won't but he just doesn't think about things like I do.

For instance...

He came home this evening with some curtains for the spare bedroom, we haven't gotten around to choosing some material yet and you can't really have people round and not cover their window whilst they're sleeping at night. Anyway he'd found some el cheapo ones that'll do for now in Primark of all places and he was going to hang them. We have massive windows which are very high but luckily he's pretty tall so it wasn't going to be too hard for him to manage.

He stood on the bed to hang them, got them up then jumped off the bed and went to get changed.

I was left frantically smoothing out the rumpled quilt cover. You see it hadn't even occured to him to straighten it out once he'd trampled all over it. In fact, more to the point, he hadn't even thought to pull the quilt back before standing on the bed.

You can see my crisis. If he doesn't think about that is he going to realise the importance of making sure that the bins have been emptied and the flowers have enough water in them and the reclycing needs.....recycling?!

I have no choice but to whip out my trusty pen and paper and make a list. A list of things that need cleaning and tidying away. I can do most of it myself tomorrow evening and first thing Friday morning but how can I be sure that by Friday night, when the guests arrive, the place won't be lying in ruins?

It's a worrying time....I'd have made sure some candles were lit and everything :(

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