Monday, 23 February 2009


Patience has never been one my virtues. Muffins come out of the over un-risen, as my desire to shove them in my mouth overcomes my desire to see them cooked properly. Many times I limp and struggle towards payday because I just couldn't possibly wait another 2 weeks before buying another DVD box set I really don't need. I haven't bought any clothes from a decent high street shop since the arrival of Primark into my life. Why wait and save the money for a £30 top when I could get one for £3?! Who if it's poorly-made and semi see-through and will probably fall apart the second I put it in the wash?!

So you can image how poorly I'm faring having to wait to find out if the flat we want to rent will be ours. You see this is the worst kind of having to be patient - waiting for something you have no control over. There's nothing I can do to speed this process up; turning up at the letting agency and demanding they give us the flat IMMEDIATELY isn't going to help me out much here (and I'm pretty sure will most likely be detrimental to us). So I just have to sit here and pray to the God of Renters thta everything will go well.

There's really no need for me to worry about the outcome. We're both employed in steady jobs with a decent income coming in (most of which I'm not responsible for). Neither of us has a track record of trashing properties we have previously lived in (although my Mother might have something to say about the number of bronzing pearls I have trodden in to my carpet in the past year and a half). Neither of us have debt collectors banging at the door, looking to re-possess what meagre belongings we have. We have both put decent people down as our personal references and I definitely know mine's good seeing as I proof-read it before it was sent in.

So I just need to calm. down. But I can't! I'm impatient! And there's a reason for my impatience. Until I know whether or not we have this flat I am completely unable to exercise another of my traits....planning.

Flat hunting is a planner's wet dream but I'll tell you about that later...

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