Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Turning back the clock

The boyfriend, me and the mother spent the weekend down in Ashby visiting my sister and her family. We had a date on the Friday evening with Calke Abbey where my sister had got us all tickets to the Back to the 80s concert that's been doing the rounds over the past few months. It was actually in Hull in East Park for its first date but I never heard about it.

I was a little apprhensive, although technically I'm a child of the 80s, having only been born in 1983 means that I wasn't quite into my pop music until we were in to the 90s. My knowledge of 80s music extends to what got played at the numerous 80s nights in clubs I spent my university life in.

However this was no ordinary concert. It's a little bit of an event in Derbyshire apparently. Everyone goes in big groups, little ones, old ones, and everyone in between, they bring picnic tables and folding chairs and fancy picnics and make a lovely night of it. There were chequered tablecloths a-go-go. We figured we could play them at that game and though we didn't have a fancy table cloth we did have fizzy stuff...

We stayed mostly up the hill but I ventured down to the front to see Peter Cox from Go West strutting his stuff and singing along to the only song I knew - King of Wishful Thinking from Pretty Woman.

I also boogied on down to Martin Fry from ABC.

Also there were Carole Decker from T'Pau, Belinda Carlisle (who was very tiny and hence could hardly be seen) and the headliners the Human League who were absolutely brilliant, my definite favourites.

The whole night finished with a spectacular firework display and I discovered that my camera has a firework function button which I put to good use...

The rest of the weekend was spent lazing about, going to the local Farmer's Market, playing on the Wii and eating good food before coming home on Monday with 2 nephews in tow who have come to stay with Granny for the week.


Diane said...

Hi, found you on my blog travels!! I'm going to this concert on Friday night in Clumber park and I cant wait!! Even the kids are excited!! (Apparantly there is a lot of 80's music on my 14year old sons new PSP game, so he thinks its cool!!) Off to read the rest of your blog. Pop over and say hi!! xx

The Curious Cat said...

Hey - sounds like a lovely time was had - a bit festival esq too! I love the whole idea of a picnic outside whilst listening to music in the sunshine! Anyway mosaics - Little Red House recommends a site called Big Huge Labs - you need a flickr account though or facebook photos...I didn't explore it greatly but I think it is pretty basic - it didn't allow me to choose what photos it took or where it put them...which was annoying but perhaps there is a way round this. Picnik also let you do mosaics but only 4 squares - if you want to do more you need to pay...I'll see if I can find other devises because I'm keen to get more funky with my photos - how did you do the line up above with the fireworks?! xxx