Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Competition (Part 2)

Competing for my boyfriend's affection with electronic devices is something I'm becoming used to (see here), however I have recently discovered another rival for his attention.
She's a slinky little beast this one.

She appeared from thin air. One day she wasn't there and then when we were packing to go to France she suddenly arrived.

"And just who the hell is this?" I thought to myself. Apparently she's been here all along but I'd just never noticed her before.

However it was too late to protest and I could nothing to prevent her tagging along with us.

But I had the last laugh. She was kidnapped by a younger member of the tribe on holiday and she never got close to the boyfriend.

However since our return she has wormed her way back into his hands. She's a minxy one. The X-box I've got a handle on. She can't be on when I'm there because I demand the TV be on but the PSP is sneakier than that. She can be played while the TV is on.

"Haha! Look at that funny thing that just happened on the TV!" I'll say

"Erm......oh......yeah.....I did...n't see that" is the reply I get about 15 years later.

I might as well be sitting in the other room while he shoots Nazis on the X-box. I think that might actually be less annoying than thinking that we're both watching something when we're not.

And she's noisy. Even though there are earphones the boyfriend doesn't put both of them in - that way he can keep half an eye on the TV he's ignoring and all I can hear are faraway, tinny little sound of gunshots that is just loud enough to not be totally disturbing but just on the edge of completely irritating.

And the worst of it? I suspect he wants us to become friends! "You can watch films on it" he said, trying to win me round to her sudden arrival in our lives. Aah yes how marvellous, because I often say to myself "Gosh I wish I had a screen the size of my palm to watch films on. That would be completely satisfying". I did try to make the effort, I thought that maybe I could come round. I asked what films he has that I could watch on this interloper.

There are 3. And they're all crap.

I shall bide my time while I figure out how to deal with this lythe being. Maybe I could accidentally sit on her...

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The Curious Cat said...

Maybe he'll grow out of it one day?? Boys and their toys...dear oh dear...and there is such a big world out there too!