Sunday, 23 May 2010

My week in pictures

After making a joke about being institutionalised in my last post I actually had a slight wobble upon my release on Friday afternoon. I think the word that could best describe it was overwhelmed. It was like there were too many choices to make, even coming home and being faced with a wardrobe full of clothes felt like too much. I'd spent the past week in my pjs, it was easy! And the feeling of knowing that I could do anything I wanted was also a little scary, when there's nothing to do but just lie in bed, life feels a lot easier and a lot safe.

And it was funny because the whole time that I was in hospital I kept telling people it was no big deal, I wasn't really sick, I'd be right as rain, and as soon as I came out in to reality it hit me that actually it was a big deal. Had the blood clots moved I absolutely could have died. Not likely that that would have happened, but you know, it's the closest I've come to death in 27 years! The enormity of what happened did give me a little wobble and I longed for the safety of hospital, at least when I was in there nothing could happen.

Still I'm feeling ok now, just a little tired, and am back at work tomorrow. Much as I would love some more time off, there's no medical reason for me not to be at work, and no medical reason means no sick note, so it's back into the breach. Don't know how frequent the blogging will be next week because I expect a fair bit of knackeredness (yeah it's a word) but we'll see how it goes.

So I thought I'd show you what I was up during my week-long stay in hospital...

My brilliant compression stockings. I was given these to wear on the Monday and told that I would have to wear them for 6 months. You can imagine how this went down. I'm not the vainest person in the world but even I have limits. Anyway I double-checked with my consultant and he informed me I would only have to wear them for a couple of weeks, they're mainly to wear in hospital where you're lying about doing nothing and hence at more of a risk of blood clots. Sexy or what?

All my lovely cards. Nothing like feeling popular to make you feel better. Everyone commented on how many cards I had and it made me feel very smug. And a special thank you needs to go to Heather who sent me a get well soon card - very unexpected and very well-received, thank you so much!
My little coccoon. Once it was socially acceptable I would pull my curtains round me. There were days when I wanted to spend all day in there with the curtains pulled round but that is not allowed. It's for the best, you need the interaction and the camaraderie. Take my Ward neighbour, Joyce. We had absolutely nothing in common other than that we were both in there together, she was 77 and could not have had more different views on the world but I really do miss her, the chat kept me going. (Did I mention I was on a chest ward so I was the youngest person there by about 30 years? Acesome.) Anyway, once it was late at night, I would pull my curtains round and this would be my little set-up.

Please note;
- TV - lifesaver although if you were in a for a very long stay an expensive lifesaver. £10 for 3 days but I wouldn't have done without it.
- Trashy magazines
- Books
- Jug of water
- Cross stitch stuff

The hospital I was staying at is kind of in the middle of nowhere which meant it was lovely and peaceful and there was nature a go go. I could see a beautiful cherry blossom tree out of my window (I meant to take a picture but never got around to it and by the time I left all the blossom was coming off it). Also spotted were a robin and a thrush. Exciting for someone who just sees blackbirds all the time. And, way more excitingly.....bunnies!!! Big massive bunnies and teeny tiny weeny bunnies, I loved them.

I did manage to complete a piece for the Embroidering the Truth exhibition. This quote was actually provided by a little old lady on the ward who was sadly suffering from dementia and had plenty of fighting spirit. One evening she had decided she wasn't ill anymore and wanted to go home, the people in the beds next to her tried to placate her, telling her that we were all ill and we all wanted to leave and that we were all friends here. She introduced herself, saying "I'm Sylvie" and Enid replied...

Now I have to be off because it's warfarin time, I need to take it at the same time every day. And then tomorrow it's back to reality, albeit a slightly altered reality which will include my first ever visit to the anti-coagulation clinic - exciting times.


Hayles said...

Bunnies, bunnies BUNNIES!
Hooray for escaping the hospital. But boo to going back to work. Thats just rude, you should have more time off.

topchelseagirl said...

You take it easy at work. If you feel done in tell them and hopefully they'll let you go home early till you're back to full strength.

Petit Filoux said...

Oh my, so pleased to hear you are out, I'm very relieved for you!! Can't believe you have to go back to work tomo though, seems a bit early! Well hope you get some rest, and enjoy wearing those stockings, well sexy lol!! x

ana said...

Yep, I can imagine that having to go back to work will be a real shock to the system, so take it easy if you can. Love your cross stitch too, hilarious and yet very sad at the same time.

Taz said...

Glad to hear you're home now, (((hugs))) for the wobbly bit. Reality does tend to smack you in the face when you get out.
Take care and don't work too hard ;)

Susie Q said...

Those socks are SO sexual! Think you should wear them with The Shoes... ;)

I'm lucky enough (knock wood) to never have had to stay in a hospital during my adult years, but if I ever do, I want to stay with cute, little old ladies! Cos they're the ones who swear the most and tell you the dirtiest stories!


Jill said...

Really glad to hear that you're out of hospital - but having to go back to work just stinks.

I had to wear those sexy stockings too, when I came out of hospital after having Violet - If they came in stripes or fancy colours maybe that would add to the excitement of having to wear them :0)

Take care
Jill x

mooncalf said...

I hope you take every opportunity possible to sit quietly at work. Not taxing yourself and insisting that people bring you things. Nice things. Like cushions and cups of tea. Or little bunnies to stroke.

And be very very kind to yourself.

P.S. The Word Verification on this comment is 'codle' - I think there's a hint there. said...

I am happy for you that you are home! After my ops, I spent months in my pjs, and I am afraid to say it is now a terrible habit! ANd as for the stockings, yup, been there, done that... They are lovely aren't they. Now I have to wear a thick copmpression sleeve on my big fat arm, but I have to wear it forever! Gawd! Hospital is a veryu weird place indeed, and I can understand completely that awful feeling of skating a bit too close the the edge! The six months will pass quickly, although not nice all the way through summer! You rest up and take care! Love to you suzie xxx

Laura said...

I'm glad that you're now home, although I think it's a bit naff that you haven't been signed off for a bit longer! I hope work doesn't wear you out too much today.


Heather said...

I'm so glad that you liked the card!
and your stockings are wonderful, my dad has a pair just the same ...