Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Oh hello, when did you appear?

Do you remember when the world looked like this?

And we thought it would never end?

And now a mere 5 months later the trees look like this.
And there’s loads of this flying about.
And, just to make your heart feel all fuzzy and warm, I spied these babies on the lake in Queens Gardens. (Ok, I know they're a little weird looking but come on, they're all fluffy!)

I keep a close eye on this lake, have I ever told you about Duck Rescue 2009 which I mounted last year? No? I’ll get working on that one for you.

Hello Spring almost Summer!


Diane said...

Waiting with bated breath!!! xxxxxxx

Heather said...

moorhens! yay!

By the way, "secret project" is actually rather a let down, I'm making my sister a blanket for her birthday (acrylic because it will be going to her uni house...) and she is an avid (lol) reader of my blog so I can't give it away on there!

ps Andy is gonna take me to the Deep for my birthday. Win!

Flitterbee said...


Taz said...

God I hope proper spring comes here soon, today we had rain, hail and snow! Oh and a bit of sun. Aaah the joys of living in Scotland. :)

fuelforbodyandsoul said...

Baby moorhens are the cutest/weirdest things! If you tell us about Duck Rescue 2009 I'll tell you about Duck Rescue 2010!