Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Views from the sofa

What I can currently see...

A foot which is much less swollen and getting less painful by the day. Thankfully not broken, a discovery made by a late night trip to A&E on Bank Holiday Monday just to make sure. Just a very bad sprain. Story of my life. I am incredibly clumsy and have lost count of the number of times I have cockled over on my ankles but somehow have never broken a bone. Must be all that milk my Mum made me drink when I was younger.

Pretty tulips that Mum got me as a present for looking after Fred and Lily for a week.

Mr Tree who is looking obscenely green. Seriously. Didn't I tell him in the last Tree Project post to slow the hell down?

Everything I need on 2 little tables:
- cup of tea
- glass of water
- my best friends, Ibuprofen and Paracetemol
- Grey's Anatomy Series 2 - currently re-watched most of this series in the last few days
- New book on the go, Stephen King's Duma Key
- Aida, hoop, thread and needle ready to start my next piece for the Embroidering the Truth exhibition
- Granny squares. Look at how many now!! Eighteen baby. Eighteen. I feel that the end is almost in sight. Almost.

Unfortunately all the relaxing and fun is almost at an end. Mum is taking me into work later this afternoon to pick up some work to bring back home and get stuck in to. Much as I would just love to be off sick, there's a part of me that knows I should be more professional, I can do work, I just can't walk at the moment. Planning on being back in the office on Friday, although we'll have to see how the 20 minute walk in to work goes.

Something else I can see? In the distance, lying on their side, the cause of all my misery...
I can't decide whether to throw them out or frame them.

PS. To Mr/Ms Anonymous who left the comment on my last post which had more than a slight tone of judgement to it - I'm 27. Thanks for asking :)


mooncalf said...

I am in the kind of mood at the moment where I'd quite like a few days off with a bad foot. Professionalism be damned.

Me, I'm 33 and I fell over a schoolboy's trailing shoelace on Friday. He crossed my path, I stood on one end and effectively created a tripwire for my other foot. BAM, flat on the floor on the main street of Oxford in rush hour. And all I got was a bruise on the knee (a sizeable one, mind you). I think I deserved a limp at least!

Damn work, damn clumsiness, damn big bruise!

Jill said...

It's not looking as swollen with that bandage on - thank goodness it's not broken. It did look very bad the other day when you first showed us all.

Glad to see that you've got all the essentials to hand - Co Codamol is my nurse in times of pain.

And, just look at all those Granny Squares! Wow, you're like a one lady production line.

Email me your details when you get chance:

Take care
Jill x

Hayles said...

Yay for clumsy people! YAY.
You need to milk this for all its worth. Especially for getting tea. Maybe cry a bit - I would :D

Florence and Mary said...

Oh you poor thing!

Victoria xx

Ana said...

I suspect that Mr/Ms Anonymous is just jealous of those Fabulous Shoes.

Diane said...

It looks much better - I cant do heels - for this very reason!!1 xxxxx

The Curious Cat said...

Hey! You're just like me with the little table! Funny how we are sharing these little things via the blogosphere! Those shoes do look killer to me...I could never wear them! You're a brave lady! xxx PS Good luck with the granny squares! xxx

Heather said...

Told you crochet is not the devil's craft :p

Garden Girl said...

sorry honey-the last photo was far more impressive...! Why nothing edible on the tables of plenty? don't doctors prescribe Green and Blacks any more?!
Don't work too hard...x

Taz said...

Yeah where's the nibbles, you're not bein properly looked after! ;)

Em said...

And I love your little table full of essentials (although I too noticed a distinct lack of choc or CRISPS)..but why only have it there when you're incapacitated?
..I have mine there with my essential bits every single day!!!
Hope you're feeling better soon,but as some one else already said..milk it all you can!
Em xx

Susie Q said...

Don't throw them away.. Send them to meeeee! No, seriously, I think I'm in love. Where'd you get them?

By the way, screw ibuprofen/paracetamol. Try solpadeine. Preferably solpadeine migraine. It'll take your pain away, no bother!

Like Em, I also noticed the lack of chocolate. Does this mean the diet's still going strong?


Petit Filoux said...

Look at those sexy toes!!! Hihi!! Wish I'd had that view today instead of my boring desk that's for sure!!