Thursday, 19 March 2009

The first week

We're almost at the end of our the first week living together and we have so far survived and life is good.

I think I'm still in a holiday state of mind. I can't seem to take in that this is where I live now. I keep looking about and seeing all my things but there seems to be some kind of disconnect going on.

It's as if I'm waiting for some kind of panic to set in when I realise that I'm now living with a boy. But you know I'm not sure that it's going to. What's weird is that it doesn't feel weird. Is that normal?

Hopefully it's a good thing and means that I've made the right decision and I will live happily ever after. Or. In about a week's time I'm going to have a breakdown when I realise that I'm not getting any peace from him and that everywhere I turn he's there!

The flat is very cosy now which is lovely and it's very homely and relaxing. I do feel kind of bad though because my mark is very much all over the flat, my lava lamp is in the lounge and my plant is on the shelving unit and my Grandma's clock is up and my candles are dotted around, as are my various little trinkets and bits and bobs. You know the kind of things - a small wooden elephant from Sri Lanka, a crocodile from South Africa, a little pot vase from the Grand Canyon. All the little bits that girls seem to carry around with them. It's as if my boyfriend doesn't really live here. His only mark is the drum set from Guitar Hero and I already have plans to secrete that somewhere where it can't be seen.

I didn't mean to take over but I just....have. But then I don't know if that's just because I'm a girl and naturally more of a homemaker. He does have a big picture of his dogs that's going to go up on the wall, I'm not trying to take over, it's just happened. It was an organic process! Boys just don't have little bits do they? Nor do they have much sense of what makes something a home.

They do not understand the importance of having Lush in your bathroom. In fact they do not even notice that you have bought Lush products and put them in the bathroom. Despite the fact that the flat smells like a tart's boudoir.

We still have many bits and pieces to sort out for the flat. We have curtains in the lounge but non in the spare bedroom and in our bedroom there is an old curtain left by the previous tenants. It'll do for now but it's a bit grubby and only just covers the window. My boyfriends comment?

"Well they'll do for now. I mean they go with everything."

Of course they do. They're white.

With insightful comments like that it's no wonder I'm going it alone when it comes to decorating the flat.

This is compounded by the habit my boyfriend has of agreeing with everything I say, or saying "I don't mind". I'm under no illusions that all this will stop soon enough when he gets bored of agreeing with me but at the moment it's just constant. I could say that I had plans to paint the walls vivid green with pink spots and he'd just go "I'm sure that would look great honey." I should do it. That'd teach him.

But for now I need to keep him onside. I still need a mirror putting up in the lounge and some rails putting up in the cupboards in the bedroom....