Wednesday, 11 March 2009

It's ours!

So it's official. We are a pair of renters.

We went in to sign on the dotted line yesterday afternoon and were handed the keys. Of which there are five. That definitely doesn't seem right when there are two of us.

We had to read through one of those really boring tenancy agreements. I hate those legal documents - the writing's all tiny and the sentences are too long and complicated to understand. I just pretend I'm reading it and scan it a few times. The boyfriend's a solicitor, I'm sure he read it properly.

I did read one line that made me laugh though - we have agreed not to use the property for "illegal or immoral purposes." Now who exactly decides what is and is not immoral?

So excitement levels are at an all time high. As are levels of nervousness and stress. Even my lists can't help me now.

We've been out and bought most of the essentials and basics so there's no need to panic, but me being me, I am. There are things to do that just hadn't occured to me. I didn't know you had to ring utility companies and set up an account! Insurance hadn't crossed my mind! I even managed to forget about getting a tv licence.

Add to that the fact that I haven't started packing and this has been enough to make my head nearly spin clean off my shoulders. And for the first time ever I've got high blood pressure - absolute madness. It all started as a joke around the table at my boyfriend's parents' house - who would have the best blood pressure? Out came the arm cuff and stethoscope and I sat myself down to have it taken, confident that I had this one in the bag.

So imagine my surprise when mine came out way higher than normal and I was told that it was "worthy of keeping an eye on". That was the end of that joke then.

I'm assuming it's the worrying I've been doing about the move that has caused it to shoot up but I'm thinking it's not going to be easy to get your blood pressure down when you're worrying about your blood pressure being too high! I have resolved to put it to the back of my mind and not think about it until we're moved in - we'll see if it's still high then.

It's just ridiculous that I've got like this. I don't need to stress, it's not as if we're properly moving house and everything has to be packed up by a certain date. We both live with parents so it doesn't matter if some stuff is left behind for a while, it doesn't all have to go over in one big load.

Well I say this but my mother has been looking forward to my imminent departure with a little too much enthusiasm for my liking. Ever since I mentioned I was thinking about moving out I've caught her creeping about my bedroom, tape measure in hand, making plans for her "new room". And far too many sentences have started with the words, "When you move out...."

Anyone would think she wants her house back...

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