Thursday, 14 May 2009

Just for you...

I spoke at the weekend about my wish to be creative. I am pretty sure there's a creative person in here somewhere - Mum used to watercolour, I had a cousin who attended Goldsmiths to study art, on my Dad's side my Aunt can make clothes, handbags, soft furnishings and everything she turns her hand to.
So surely these genes must be residing within me somewhere?

If they are they are yet to surface.
There's nothing worse than wanting to be creative and not being so. It's unfortunately something you've either got or you haven't. There's no courses for teaching creativity. Trust me, I've looked.
How disappointing.

The main reason I want to be creative is so that I can make things for other people. It's nice to feel that someone has made a special effort for you rather than grabbing the nearest thing to them.
Plus it's cheap.
So began my obsession with cross stitch....

Bear with me. I know that this is a past-time for spinster cat ladies but I have decided to stand up and say I'm a cross-stitcher and I'm proud!!

(But in quite a small voice)
It all began with a birth sampler for my friend when she was expecting. I thought it would make a thoughtful gift and show I cared (when really inside I was mad at her for becoming a real-life grown up and leaving me behind).

From there, I moved on to Christmas cards, although not for everyone because the one thing I did discover is that whilst they are lovely, cross-stitched cards take much much longer than just opening a box of cards from WH Smiths and writing in them.

I am currently in the middle of another sampler. Whilst it is nice to do it, it takes...
a) patience
b) time
c) more time
And what I really hate is the backstitch - yes it finishes your design off nicely and defines certain parts of it but it's so anoooooooying.

Luckily for me, this baby is running a little late - 4 days so far - giving me some breathing space. It's almost finished and I thought I would share the work in progress with you....
In the beginning....what the hell is it?!
Is it a bear?..what's that in his hands?..what's all that around him?Aha! It's a bear! With a blue nose! (And he's very blurry)...
...And beginning the back stitch. Grrr. Still almost there....

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♥Rosie♥ said...

Beautiful and you do have creative talent - it shines through :0)

Rosie x