Monday, 11 May 2009

Whilst he was away...

Faced with a weekend all alone whilst my boyfriend was away enjoying himself (how very dare he?!) I had to come up with a few things to keep me occupied. I decided that one way of keeping me occupied would be to take photos of all the things I did so I could get a blog post out of it.

So my weekend started with a trip to see Mum. She was made redundant a few weeks ago and although I think she has secretly enjoyed the break, she's hit the boredom threshold now and is finding it hard to fill her days I think. Her and I took a little trip to Matalan where I was looking for some bits for our bedroom.I picked up this cushion and vase for the princely total of £13. Unlucky for some I think not! We can't do an awful lot in terms of decorating because the flat's rented so to paint walls etc would be a waste of money. Luckily everything is magnolia-ed so it's just a case of adding 'accents' I believe they call them in the interior business.

I've decided on green for the bedroom - not a snotty green but a nice light green. Thought it would be nice and calming and spring-like and fresh. Bedding is all sorted so I'm on to the next stages. The cushion is so ace and squidgy, I absolutely love it and the vase was only a fiver so it's gone on the windowsill and I'm going to get some artificial flowers to stick in it.

After that I came back home to watch crappy DVDs and get a little bit crafty. I've got a load of pictures of our old cats that have been kicking around for ages. I've been wanting to put them in an album but wanted to do one that was a little bit different and do it scrapbook style. The trouble with me is that deep down inside me there is a creative person dying to get out but she never quite seems able to. I really want to be creative and I feel that there are ideas inside me somewhere but they never seem to be able to materalise. It's like they're small little eggs that don't seem to hatch into little chicklets.

Still I give it a go and although it's not turning out exactly how I thought it would do. I'm pretty pleased with the results so far. Only trouble is I'm running out of card to do it on - too many cats!! I've heard a saying that goes Every life should have nine cats. So far I'm on numbers 6 and 7 so I've got a fair few more pages to go.

I had a very lovely and relaxing bath complete with candles and rubber ducks. Only bad thing about this is that I used the last of my Lush products. Dum, dum, dummmmmm. I'm a huge Lush fan and seriously have difficulties in walking past the shop on Whitefriargate in Hull without going in and treating myself. I've managed to restrain myself recently but now that I've used them all up I have the perfect excuse to go in there!
Sunday was pretty boring. I had something to do that I've been putting off for far too long. The ironing. Somehow I've managed to avoid it since we moved in which I think is pretty impressive seeing as we've been in here for 2 months now! However it was threatening to topple over me and crush me every time I went in to the spare bedroom (where I've hidden the basket in the hope it will magically do itself) so I figured that whilst I undertook my weekly ritual of Sunday Hollyoaks-watching I would do it at the same time.
I didn't make it all the way through. I did stand there for 2 hours through Hollyoaks and the first part of Shipwrecked but I had to give it up in the end. It's not my fault there's so much of it though. I can place the blame squarely on my boyfriend's shoulders. That ironing is all his shirts!! I had no idea he had so many unless they have bred whilst they lay in the basket. I ironed 8 of the buggers and there's another 7 drying on the airer. Not to mention the god knows how many hanging up in his wardrobe. It's bizarre. Well not so much bizarre and more the result of him going through 1 shirt a day and then putting off the ironing for as long as possible.

And last but not least. One important event of the weekend was the discovery that my Swine Flue leaflet had arrived. Goodness knows how I coped without this font of wisdom. I would never have known that I should use a tissue when I sneeze if it wasn't for this.

Do not get me started on how much NHS money was spent on printing this and delivering it to every house in the UK.

But I thought it would be a funny addition to the other photos...

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