Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Visitors (Part 2)

This Bank Holiday weekend saw the end if another kitty visit - this time we had them for a whole week as Mum was off on holiday.
It is great having them and I love them so much I could squish their faces off.

....they are such minxes!!
Their hunger knows no bounds - we've gone through stages of thinking they have worms, to just blaming it on a growth spurt, to wondering whether it's possible for cats to suffer from Prader Willi Syndrome. The conclusion is that they are just greedy little beasties.
This means they absolutely cannot be left in the kitchen alone. Even if you've put all plates away and wiped down all the surfaces they will find something to get at. Whether this is pulling down the tea towel and chewing on it (Lily's favourite), shredding the bin liner, or eating the washing up sponge (Fred's favourite) - they will be up to something.
For example take these pictures....
"She'll never notice me up here"
"She'll never notice me behind this kettle."

My boyfriend took these when I was making the Vanilla Cupcakes for the Sweet and Simple bake - once you're in the kitchen they're never far away, just on the off-chance you're going to drop something they can eat. Lily is the naughtiest though and pushes the boundaries as far as possible, Fred's content to sit on top of the cookery books, but Lily will creep as close as possible, hence the hiding behind the kettle.

The most commonly used phrase when Fred and Lily are out of sight is "What are they up to?" This is usually preceded with a groan and usually ends with a 'now'

They also believe that 5.30am is an appropriate time to wake up and be fed. They will not sit quietly until wake up though. They will climb all over the bedside table, knock over everything on your dressing table, charge about chasing each other, pounce on you if you dare to move your feed under the quilt so much as an inch or just yowl in your ear. It got so bad that I gave up making them wait until I was rady to get up and feed them and just got up, fed them and went back to bed again. Luckily I find it pretty easy to fall asleep again after getting up.

I know you could just shut them out of the bedroom but they make so much noise if you do that and we're not supposed to have any animals in the flat so I don't want anyone hearing them crying.

Plus how can you refuse their little faces?!

The flat does feel much emptier without them now and it's no fun when there's no furry people coming to greet you at the front door but I'm not going to miss the extreme coating of fur which is lying over everything at the moment and it's going to be nice to be able to eat a bag of crisps without being harrassed and having sneaky paws come from nowhere to try and snatch them out of your mouth...

I absolutely love this last photo though. I took this the morning before we took them back to Mum's. They'd gone absolutely mental running about the place playing with their little mice and scratching post and then they just flaked out in the sun on the floor. How could you not love them?!

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