Friday, 22 May 2009

The perfect match

Remember this vase I bought the other weekend?

I stuck it in front of the window where it stood looking rather forlorn without any flowers in it.
However when my boyfriend came back home on Sunday he had bought me some apricot roses.

Before you go all schmooshy inside I should tell you that after presenting me with the flowers he then went on to block the toilet and tell me all about the fun they had in a pole dancing club on the Saturday night so I think I deserve them!

I have a glass vase on the dining table but that already had flowers in it (sometimes a girl has to buy them for herself!) so I had to stick them in the green vase.

And they look absolutely perfect.

I'm not really great on my interior design skills or being very inventive with colour schemes so I really didn't know that they would look good. But they do!

And they've been a perfect counterpoint to the very strange weather we've been having lately. Sun one minute, chucking it down the next, blue skies with white fluffy clouds followed by ominous brooding dark greyness. But the roses have looked lovely come rain or shine.

All I need to do now is persuade the boyfriend to keep me in apricot roses!

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