Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Saturday night with four special boys...

This weekend saw me making another pilgimage to Manchester. This time to worship at the alter of a little band I like to call Take That.

I loved Take That when I was a whippersnapper. That was back at a time when the hardest decision I ever had to make in life was whether I like Robbie or Mark more. I never did decide. Although Robbie leaving Take That did make things slightly easier - I could like them both then. I couldn't have both of them when he was in the band because everyone knows you can only have 1 favourite.

Anyway as I grew up I continued to love them and yes I did shed a tear when they split up. Come on! Things would never be the same again! Boyzone, scmoyzone. Westlife? Worstlife. (Ha. I'm funny.)

But I never went to see them in concert. I don't know why. I guess back thing, those things just weren't on my radar. (Ironically the first concert I did go to was a Robbie Williams one.)
All that changed in 2005 when I watched the documentary. THE documentary. About Take That. Then I watched as the clamour grew and grew for them to reform. Reform, reform. Came the chant. And it worked. Hundreds of thousands of now grown women clamoured for a return to their youth and needed to see the boys they had so idolised when they were younger, back on stage to perform again.

Our wish was their command and reform they did. And in 2006 I was there, at the MEN Arena, screaming so loudly I was almost sick (seriously) and dancing around to the music of my childhood.

So when I was sat at my desk at work and heard Chris Moyles say that tickets were about to go on sale for the Circus Tour, I knew I had to join in the scrum. I got my browser windows set up. I had my credit card at the ready. Work was pushed to one side. It was time to go go go!! It was as scary time and my palms were more than a little sweaty but I did it again. I got the tickets.
So off I went to Old Trafford cricket ground to watch my boys perform. Tastes have changed - I'm now loving the Jason Orange, although if he gets any more camp I'll have to choose someone else, I have to keep my dignity you know.
Now I know you're thinking, "My god she's been babbling on forever and she hasn't even starting talking about the concert. This is going to be BOR.ING." You're wrong. It's not going to be boring.

Because I don't have the words to describe it.
It was beyond amazing. It was a spectacle. It was in fact a circus. There were tightrope walkers. There was a giant mechanical elephant. There were fireworks. There were songs galore - songs from the old albums, songs from the new album. There were costume changes. There was a giant inflatable scary man. There were balloons.

I cannot convey in any words how good it was. I really really can't. It was so good that I didn't even care that the biggest rainstorm in the world (I'm pretty sure I'm right there) soaked us through to the skin (no we didn't take umbrellas). It also didn't matter that Lady GaGa didn't show up. Actually that's a lie. It did matter. She managed to perform at Glastonbury the night before but was suddenly and inexplicably struck down when she got to Manchester....ooooh it makes me mad to just think about it. So I won't. I will think instead about the lights and the crowd and getting totally and utterly lost in memories of my childhood.

Instead of me doing the talking, I'll let the pictures do that for me...

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♥Rosie♥ said...

I have heard this is brilliant concert with Take That. You have the photos to prove it - gosh I would have loved to have been there too singing away.