Sunday, 14 June 2009

This little piggy...

...didn't quite go to market but instead went into a branch of HSBC where they have machine for you to pay in coins.

Should you happen to go to use one let me give you a bit of a warning - it's a really loud machine. Everyone will look at you as you desperately try to prise the coins out of it.

Every couple of days I take my purse out of my bag and get rid of whatever coins are in there. Any bronze goes in Mr Crocodile and anything else goes in Mr Piggy.

His contents this time are going towards my holiday fund. We're going to France for a week at the end of July and money's a bit tight so any help I can get is worth its weight in gold. I figured that Mr Piggy would have about £40 in him which would be a great start.

He did me proud. He was hoarding a rather impressive £70!

(Actually he was holding £69.96 but the boyfriend donated 4p to my fund)

So thank you Mr Piggy. I'll think of you when I'm eating cheese and bread and drinking wine en Francais.

Now start gobbling up more change please!


The Curious Cat said...

When are you off to France? Sounds fun! xxx

♥Rosie♥ said...

£70 now that is impressive just saving loose change! Can't wait to read all about your holiday in France :0)