Sunday, 3 January 2010

Having fun in London Town - Part 2 - New Years Eve

Having now pretty much caught up on all your blogs (still a few more to go!) I think I share the same sentiment as a few of year's eve kinda tends to suck.

I guess it's the hype. It happens all the time, the night's that you really look forward to end up being pretty disappointing, it's always the spur of the moment ones that end up being the greatest.

I can think of one really good new years's night that I've had, which is more than a little bit lame I realise. Last year the boyfriend and I didn't bother at all and when the opportunity arose to have a house to ourselves we decided to have a quiet night in.

I was hoping that this year would be pretty special, we would be in London, the Americans would be there, I was expecting big things. And there was talk of parties galore so I was a little disappointed at first when it was decided that we'd be having a party in with just 6 people - me, the boyfriend, The Americans, and the Americans host and girlfriend.

But then I figured, I've been that let down by new year's eve in the past that this couldn't be any worse could it?

It was excellent.

The boyfriend and I were freed from our host...

HOW TO BE A GOOD HOST LESSON NUMBER 3: Offer your guests food and water. Occasionally. And give them toilet paper.

...And came to stay with The Americans' host so we no longer had to worry about getting home.

We somehow ended up getting enough wine for twice as many people as were there which we soon made a start on and, accompanied by nibbles and music, we got down to business. Many topics were covered, including politics, sex and Facebook.

Then twister came out.

You can't play twister when you're an adult, your body just doesn't bend in the right way. Or in my case, any way. Either way it provided many laughs until, with midnight approaching, we turned on Jools Holland, mandatory new year's eve viewing.

We celebrated the new year with champagne and sitting out on the teeny balcony, yelling happy new year at people as they walked past.

And then.

It started to snow.

And still we sat out there.

Yelling and whooping.

Then things took a slightly mental turn when we went back inside and started dancing like mental people to the rest of Jools Holland and then Daft Punk. We learnt dance moves to wow people in the future, broke 2 glasses, knocked the lampshade off the main light, went to a damsel in distress who was abandonned after having an argument with her boyfriend (some people didn't have that much of a happy new year), went out for a new year kebab and then took ourselves to bed at 4am.

All in all. A job well done.

The boyfriend and I rose at 11am and made our bleary-eyed way to Kings Cross and crawled onto a train back to Hull.

And I started recounting all of this to you. Bored yet?

Just the one more post and it will be short and sweet and I'll show you what I bought at the Marmite shop...


Trish said...

Oh I love those type of New Year's eve celebrations. Sounds like fun...and I so know what you mean about twister..grin!

lemonade kitty said...

Hehe you are sooo funny, can't wait to see what you bought at the marmite shop. Marmite love it or hate it...I love it...Lucey xx

Hayles said...

My New Years have always been quite random, but I usually ended up celebrating it with at least one person I can't stand. That was until last year, when I fell asleep, alone before midnight (the joys of painkillers)
This year I stayed in with the boyfriend watching old Dr Who, eating cheese and drinking champagne. So much more fun!
Having to travel on NYD (or any day after a good night out!) is always a killer though, you usually end up with the shaky train home!

Diane said...

That sounds fun - except for the poor girl who had a row with the BF. Glad you had a great time.

The Curious Cat said...

Awww sounds like a lovely evening...sometimes you don't need a lot of people to have a good night. I like the good samaritan act there too. :) And no, not bored...when I saw part 2 up I was like 'oooo goody!' :) xxx

PinkCat said...

Sounds like your trip down south got better and better! What a fun night you appear to have had. Sometimes it is better to make your own fun than go out and spend lots of money. It sounds likes a great night! x

Petit Filoux said...

well, sounds like you had a brilliant time!!! Not a great fan of new year’s eve either to be honest, but sounds like you had a great time! Isn’t it fun catching up with all the blogs after xmas?! Work, anyone mentioned work? ;-)