Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunshine Blog Award

I have just discovered the serious downfall to living next door to a nightclub.

Last minute decisions to go out.

If I lived far away from any nightspot there is no way I would decide at 11.30pm that I wanted to go out. Actually I might decided I wanted to go out but I wouldn't follow through and make the effort. However there's no effort required when all you have to do is walk outside.

So consequently I feel ill.

I'm trying to keep my spirits up with leftover pizza and cups of tea but I can feel my spirits waning...

So to keep myself going I'm going to pass a little bit of love on.

A while ago I was awarded The Sunshine Blog Award from Blondedesign. You need to go and check out some of her creations - especially the superhero cushions, I've found myself dreaming about them lately!

Ok. So the rules are....

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity & creativity inspires others in the blog world.
The rules for accepting these award:-
Put the logo on your blog or within your post.-
Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.-
Link the nominees within your post.-
Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.- Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

Now I'm not actually passing this on to 12 people. Sorry. I wanted to really include the people I find genuinely inspiring, rather than just trying to make the numbers up.

1. The Curious Cat - She is my constant commenter and for a long long time was the only commenter and if it wasn't for that encouragement I would have found it hard to carry on blogging. Her posts are always brilliant - she is thoughtful and far more erudite than I am. And even though she's had a bit of a tough time lately, she's remained positive. I get the feeling that she's a rather cool person, the kind of friend I would want to have in real life.

2. Petit Filoux - She's just brilliant! Sometimes I think she's possibly a French version of me! She makes cards, she cooks good food - and I have shamelessly stolen all her ideas! And as I mentioned in a post recently, out of nothing but pure kindness she knitted me a pair of fingerless mittens. If that kind of selflessness isn't inspiring then I don't know what is.

3. Pink Cat, Custard and Cake - Her posts are always upbeat and happy - and reminds me that I should have more Pollyanna days! Mummy to Fluffy Cat, who I would very much like to steal, she seems like she has a lovely life. Can't wait to hear about more of her upcoming wedding plans, more inspiration to steal!

4. Itch2Stitch - Even though her posts only come once a week, I really look forward to them as Susie's posts always give you a little something to think about. Her drawings and embroidery designs are also beautiful. I hope she won't be offended if I say that I think of her as my blog Mum!

5. Schemmelhos - One word to describe Trish? Wise. Thoughtful and deep posts, she has an amazing way with words and her posts always remind me to try and take a little time out to find the positive things in life. Plus she owns Radar the German Shepherd who I will also be stealing.

And now that I've passed on the love, I'm going to go and lie my poorly head down.
After one more slice of cold pizza...


P said...

Mmmm, cold pizza. :)

Feel better soon! said...

Oh That is so sweet! I would be more than happy to be your blog Mum! Thank you so much, you are a true sweetie, and I love reading your posts, you are a very thoughtful, deep and talented person! You are different in a wonderful way, don't ever change! I will post about it soon! suzie. xxx

The Curious Cat said...

Thanks sweetie! I'm sure we'd have a great time if we ever met - especially with a night-club outside your house - that is kind of cool - if you ever just want to boogie and let your hair down - and then crawl away to bed when it all gets too much! :) I'll have to get on to this award at some you know I've been a bit lazy as of late with the blogging. I've got some entries in the brain bank coming up now though. Just sometimes you go through an idea lull don't you?! :) xxx

Petit Filoux said...

Thank you for this award!! Hum, now I have to figure out how to put it up though…! Was really nice reading your little descriptions of people, and it did make me very happy too ;-)