Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The solution to my oddly hot hands (a.k.a. Some people are too kind for words)

During these past few cold months I have had a problem.
With my hands.

I don’t know what it is about me but may hands can heat up to extraordinary temperatures fairly quickly.

I would start the walk in to work with my gloves on and halfway there would have to take them off as they sweated profusely. Or when I tried walking in without gloves on I found myself with cold misshapen claws which I couldn’t do anything with.

I thought that Accessorize had the solution for me. Fingerless gloves which are also mittens.

I could start off with my fingers safely ensconced in a woolly haven and then expose my fingers to the cold when the heat started to rise. Marvellous, non?

Non actually because they had a fatal design flaw.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but opposable thumbs are kind of important to us human beings. I would have hands which were doing ok in the temperature stakes but a thumb which meant I couldn’t do a single thing except wildly jab at my i-pod and hope that I hit on the right song or stab at my phone and hope the text message I sent made sense.

It was especially annoying because I’ve been working from home quite a bit and because I’m a tight wad I didn’t want to turn my heating on. This unfortunately meant that my hands would get insanely cold whilst I tried to write or type and the mittens were no help whatsoever because I COULDN’T DO ANYTHING WITH MY THUMB.

But then I saw something rather brilliant.

Petit Filoux had knitted herself a pair of proper fingerless mitteny things. (That's their official name you know.) "That’s what I need” I said to myself.

When I left a comment joking that she should make me a pair I really was joking and when she said that she would, free of charge, just as a present, I quite frankly questioned her sanity. But my hands told me to say yes.

I’m not very good at accepting presents. I return to my default setting of making a joke just because I’m rubbish at expressing any emotions and finding the appropriate words to thank someone (see yesterday's post).

But the other day, salvation for my wonky-temperatured hands arrived.

In my haste to tear in to the package I didn’t photograph the lovely wrapping – I blame my hands, they just wanted to see what it was that was going to save them from either wilting and falling off or getting frostbitten and dropping off.

When I started blogging (again) I had no idea there were so many kind people out there. I had no idea I would ‘meet’ people that I would start to think of as ‘real life’ friends and I never in a million years thought that I’d end up getting something through the post that someone had made just for me. It’s mind-boggling really and when I think about it too much the emotions start to well up and I feel the urge to make a joke.

So I won’t.
I will just thank Petit Filoux again because I can’t find any more impressive words to properly convey how I’m feeling.


Thank you.



Petit Filoux said...

:-) you're welcome! x

Diane said...

And very nice they look too. I agree with your previous post that a good cry can be exhausting - but its better to let it out!!

The Curious Cat said...

Awww...so nice of Petit Filoux...they look wicked too. I have some accesorize fingerless mittens - the thumb is annoying! But! I'm in danger of getting arthritis/rsi with my texting so it actually encourages me to use my fingers rather than my thumb which is probably a good thing... There are so many lovely people on the blogosphere...it does bring out the best in people I think... argh but you have reminded me of my pay it forward task which I am yet to complete because I'm too lazy to make anything... I will do it, I will, I will, I will...when I can be arsed...soon I hope?! xxx

sallyrose45 said...

For some reason I knew that you would appreciate 'royal twatface'...

Tee hee, the Ear bought me some mittens for Xmas and stitched our initials onto them. They are very cute and I keep trying to wear them but blast the thumb problem! Blast it to hell!

Your mittens look delightful,


Trish said...

Awww....you deserve them! What a superb idea! They are lovely....like the little buttons on the side; so cheery.

Tabiboo said...

'Awwwwww' and they are so gorgeous!!

Hope your hands stay nice and warm 'ish'?

Shannon said...

Those are brilliant and charming to boot - love the little buttons. Lucky you!