Wednesday, 6 January 2010

It's been an eventful 10 years...

Reading and catching up with people’s blogs it seems that lots of people have done a review of the past decade and not wanting to be left out I thought I would sit and have a little think about what has happened to me in the past 10 years.

I shouldn’t really be surprised that a lot has happened, I mean 10 years is a pretty significant time period, but when I looked back I couldn’t really believe it. Maybe it’s because it seems to have gone by so quickly. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I was 16, excitedly waiting for the new millennium to start.

If you’d told me then that 10 years later I would see in the new decade in London with the man I was living with and 2 Americans that I met while I was at university getting a Masters degree I really don’t think I’d have believed you.

So what happened in this girl’s life over the past 10 years?


- Gained 4 A-levels, became a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science (how I have no idea)
- Dealt with my parent’s separation and began to rebuild my relationship with my Dad, who I didn’t speak to for a few years
- Gained a sister-in-law and a new nephew but lost a grandma
- Fell in and out of love, probably more times than was necessary, and had my heart broken
- Fell in love again and began living with a boyfriend for the very first time
- Made lots of friends and left some friends by the wayside
- Got punched in the face, leaving me with a teeny scar which makes me look like I once had my eyebrow pierced
- Lost 3 cats but gained the awesome Fred and Lily
- Lived in Manchester, Salford, Belfast and Hull
- Visited new places in the form of holidays to Dublin, Prague and new part of France
- Learned that cross stitch and baking aren’t too scary
- Got 3 tattoos and had my tongue pierced
- Confronted a man that had broken in to my Mum’s house. Naked. With a quilt wrapped round me.
- Finally grew boobs. Much to my elation. And they haven’t stopped growing since.
- Learned the hard way about the dangers of credit cards and the nastiness of debt collection agencies
- Was a bridesmaid twice
- Did the same reading at 2 separate weddings (note to self, do not choose St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians if you ever get married, people will have heard it approximately 12,000 times before)
- Saw a close friend become a wife and mother and recognised (and have almost accepted) the changes that come with those things
- Worked as a waitress in a coffee shop, a research assistant for a professor, a shop assistant in Primark, House of Fraser and Holland & Barratt, as a temp, a receptionist and in my current job.
- Travelled to America for the first time. School skiing trip at Sunday River in Maine.
- Travelled to America for the second time. Phoenix and Las Vegas.
- Went to my first strip club and had a lap dance (this would be connected to the second trip to America)
- Said goodbye to my childhood home. Begrudgingly. And I still curse them for WRECKING it any time I drive past it. Who takes out an original stained glass front door?! Morons.
- Started and abandoned two blogs before starting again, finally getting it right this time and making bloggy friends.

Hopefully I’ve come out of the past decade a little bit wiser than I was. I would hope so because I’m certainly older! I mean if I can fit all that in to a decade then I can certainly handle whatever 2010 has to throw at me.

Bring it 2010. I am ready.

(Please note this list is not in chronological order – I wrote them down as they came to me!)


And on another note. I'm taking another wee bloggy break!

The Americans are back from Paris and on their way to Hull as I type so I will be leaving you alone until Tuesday 12th, next week.

Please don't leave me forever, I'll be back, I promise!



miss*H said...

Wow, that’s an eventful 10 years; you’ve packed loads in!! Confronting a burglar naked and being punched in the face..I’m intrigued. You need to blog about these :)

Petit Filoux said...

That is a lot of things!!!! As I was reading your list I started to make my own, but it scares me doing these kind of things!!! You realise that you're not so young after all!
I agree with miss*H, you need to blog about the burglar incident!!!
And if I can say, without sounding weird or anything, but I feel extremely jealous of your boob comment!!
By the way, hope the americans make their way up to you ok, what with all this snow!

The Curious Cat said...

Of course we won't leave you forever silly billy! Now...please explain confronting a man naked wrapped in a duvet...very intrigued! And... what are your tattoos of? And...who punched you in the face?! And...I'm sorry about your cats and grandma. :( But, obviously you don't have to elaborate on all those things if you don't want to...but I am curious.

Ten years is a long time and alot can be are lucky to have been a bridesmaid twice and to live with your boyfriend -pleasures I hope will await me one of these days! :) Good luck for 2010 - I hope you have lots more adventures and experiences! xxx

Kim said...

Nice decade review :)

I especially like the bits about the co-habiting, cats & baking.

PinkCat said...

What a long list of achievements - what a successful decade you had!

You've know opened a real can of worms...I think we all want to know more about your tattoos et al! x said...

It is amazing how much gets crammed into a decade! I promise I won't leave! suzie. xxx


Have given you a blog award.

Diane said...

A very full and significant list. You dont sit still do you!! Enjoy your time with your friends - we will be here when you get back. xxxx