Monday, 25 January 2010

Tree Project - January edition

Dear Mr Tree,

I have neglected you this month. I'm so sorry.

I hope you don't mind but January is such a blah month. And plus I've had so much to talk to everyone about with The Americans being over (you remember them, you saw them when we were building that snowman, you gave us some twigs for arms) that I just kind of forgot about you.

And to make matters worse I haven't even taken a photo of you recently. It's always dark whenever I think about it but you know what? It's getting lighter and I'll take better photos of you.

But for now I think I'll post a picture of you from the beginning of this month.

You look very pretty in it so I'm hoping you won't mind.

And I know that everyone bitched about the snow when it was here but I would rather have everything looking like it did in this photo than like the grey, wet, drabness that's going on at the moment.

So I'll see you in February when I promise I will take some better photos of you and report on your progress.

So until next month Mr Tree,

The Girl.


Petit Filoux said...

yeah, i have to admit, i couldn't wait to see the back of it (the snow that is) and now it's all grey and miserable, i kind of miss it! boo hoo!

Flitterbee said...

I don't miss snow. I don't miss not being able to walk out of my front door without fear of falling. I dislike the rain, very much so. But I don't miss the snow.

However, it does make for a lovely photo :)

Trish said...

We have such similar weather here...on the Pacific West Coast of Canada. Unlike other parts of the country, our snow can be mushy and deadly for driving and we so rarely get it that when it comes....we are all unprepared. I am from the sunny middle of Canada....with deep and cold and snowy winters...but it is so different there...and now? Now I've become used to the grey...kinda miss it when it doesn't descend. It is like a spiritual blanket of sorts, driving one into a feeling of comfort area..solitude. Grin. Of course, that is so much easier to say when one is on the actual 'coast'. City life in grey...ick! are too kind in your comments last post...sigh. I am anything but wise.

I love your tree posting. I look forward to February's post and picture!

P said...

I hope Mr Tree forgives you! :) said...

My Owl Tree says hello to Mr. tree! You have reminded me that I haven't hugged my tree lately! He is in the front garden so I may get strange looks! Suzie xxx

The Curious Cat said...

Oh dear! Tree neglect - the worst kind! :) You should put all your photos together in a collage at some point maybe? He does look very pretty with the snow... xxx

Tabiboo said...

He looks adorable in his wintry coat.