Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tree Project - March

Hey Mr Tree

So last month everything was looking promising - green shoots, blue skies, birds singing - it all looked so good.

And now what?

Spring appears to have halted, at least on this road, for a short while. As I type the rain is hammering against the windows and you are looking more than a little forlorn. And it's surprising because this morning I took this photo,
and things were looking pretty happy.

One question though.

Where are the leaves buddy?

You've halted at green shoots and I've got to tell you, please don't give up now, just try and keep going and produce a little bit more. For me. Ok?


The Curious Cat said...

They'll get here eventually - I like the new angle of the tree in this photo! Good one! ;) xxx

J said...

Do you think it overheard the weather man forecasting snow again, so thought it would hold off blossoming for another couple of weeks? Damn British weather.

Itch2stitch.com said...

Those little buds will be unfurling and uncurling before you know it! My honeysuckle has just sprung forth suddenly! My Mr. Tree (Owl Tree) is slow though! suzie xxx

Em said...

I've just found your blog and after reading your 'background' page decided I love it!!
Spring seems to have disappeared here in South Yorkshire...its suddenly become very cold and very wet again,but at least we didn't get the forecast snow.
Em x

Taz said...

Tell your Mr Tree, he should be glad he's not up here, we have snow again!

mooncalf said...

Giggle - I can't believe you've got 5 comments (6 now) on a post about your tree not having leaves yet. You're got a real community cheering this tree along :)

If you feel it needs a knitted coat then I think I know who has the materials for that...