Thursday, 18 March 2010

The day it all fell in to place.

Did you want to know how the crocheting was going?

Dare you ask?
The answer is a very big, excited, "It's going well!!"

The main problem is that I haven’t really had the time to spend doing it ‘properly’. In the evening, the cross stitch calls to me and I oblige it, what with trying to make cards for people’s birthdays and anniversaries and producing stuff for the Stitch and Bitch project (can't believe I still haven't told you about that), my time is pretty much eaten up.

I did go out and buy some lovely wool in an attempt to make myself sit down and wield my hook and produce a work of art. There was no way I was going to let the money go to waste!

But then people were all selfish and died and stuff so that meant that the wool was left abandonned, shoved under the bed in the spare bedroom, out of sight, out of mind.


Last weekend. When the boyfriend and I spent the night at my Dad's house doing a spot of dog-sitting. This is Jess.
(Who is irrelevant to this post but I thought you might enjoy a picture of a dog.)

And I proclaimed that day to be The Day I Would Crochet. The wool was brought out of hiding and the laptop was packed along with our pyjamas because the laptop held the secret weapon to Crochet Domination.

Little Tin Bird was to be my Master (or should that be Mistress) of all things wool and hooky and with her instructions of how to make a basic granny square I began...
...and I only bloody went and succeeded!
I didn't even have to pull it out and start again once (cue smugness), I just went round and round and round and round until I decided I had a square I liked the size off and stopped. And I managed to complete this one square by the end of Sunday evening which I thought was rather marvellous.

And since then I've done another square..

And started on the third.

And hopefully one day I will have enough to make into a blanket at which point I will turn to my Master in a very whiny voice and say "But how do I stitch them all togetherrrrrrrr?!"

(Sometimes I worry that my crochet stuff looks different to the other pictures I see but I just put this down to the fact that I'm special and left-handed. And whilst we're on that topic, I've discovered that I can't use my left-handedness as an excuse for not crocheting because if you reverse the directions it seems to work. For me anyway.)


J said...

Well done you - I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to crochet. said...

What can I say! Wow! I bow to the new conquerer of crochet! Shall I post my efforts next week. Only if I wish to make people howl with laughter! That is magnificent, stupendous.... Big exciting words, Over the top? No, because I know how difficult it is to learn! Or it is for me anyway. I would love to have made just one square. I bought some 'proper' wool too, but have been practicing on cheap acrylic as I too do not want to waste lovely (expensive) wool!
suzie. xxx

ana said...

Lovely colours! They will make a gorgeous blanket.

Heather said...

I am so proud of you! They look ACE, well done :-D

The Curious Cat said...

That is AMAZING! I am so impressed (and a little jealous!) I want to be able to do this!!! (She says not making any attempt to day). Love the dog too! Well done! You got there in the end!!! xxx

topchelseagirl said...

Well done. Love the colours.

Petit Filoux said...

Wow that’s brilliant!!! You must be so pleased!! You’ve totally taken me over with your crochet exploits, I’ve bought the hook but that’s it so far… maybe I should make Heather my teacher too!!! Cute dog by the way!

Kelly said...

Well done! Its looking good!
I just can't get my head around crochet!!

TKW said...

"Then people got all selfish and died and stuff..." *cue the evil laugh* Too funny!

Trish said...

Look at you...terrific! I used to crochet and have at least two totes stuffed with unfinished stuff. I, and I can't believe it as I am such a tomboy, but I used to crochet lace as well. Wowsa. Grin. And hey, I do like a picture of a dog thrown in there once in!

mooncalf said...

Nice work!

I made 126 crochet squares earlier this year without bothering to find out how I was going to join them all together to make a blanket. Now they are sitting in a box.

Next week I've got a couple of days off work for Easter and will give it a try - at the very least I will be able to tell you how not to do it!