Tuesday, 7 July 2009

How to know if he's a keeper...

...He comes all the way home from Sheffield at 7pm when he's been out of the house since 6am and immediately goes and gets changed to take you out to go looking for your cat.

...He tramps about fields and streets calling "Fred!" and "Freddie!" in a high-pitched voice and doesn't get embarassed (or if he is doesn't show it).

...He carries on doing the above even when it starts to throw it down with rain.

...He gets the tea ready when you come in because you're too upset to make it and just want to sit on the sofa and cry.

...He helps you make a Missing poster that can be stuck up around the neighbourhood.

...He arranges it so that he can work from home the following day, just in case there's anything else your Mum needs.

...He sits beside you all night when you're sad and weepy and don't want to talk and doesn't ask anything of you but if there's anything else he can do to make you feel better.

...He knows what you're thinking just by looking at you.

(Fred's still missing)


Wonk said...

Oh yes, he's a keeper alright, bless him.

Still crossing my fingers and toes for Fred.

Maria♥ said...

Definitely a keeper!! My hubby is the same and I know men like them are far and few behind.

I hope Fred comes home soon ;o(