Thursday, 16 July 2009

An open letter to my Fred

Dear Fred,

Have I told you how glad I am that you're back? Of course I have, I told you about a gazillion times this weekend when you came to stay. Although you haven't been able to tell us what happened over that 48 hours, it did make me realise one thing...I haven't really told you how I feel about you.

So I thought I'd better write it all down here, just in case anything were ever to happen again.

Remember when we first came to get you? You were in that flat with your 4 brothers and sisters and a rottweiler puppy. We were a bit scared of the puppy but none of you lot seemed to mind and when Mum and I came in you all came running around us, climbing in Mum's bag and jumping on my laces and generally being boisterous. I went to see your Mummy, who was lying on a kitchen work top and told her that we'd come to take away 2 of her babies and that we'd look after them very well. To be honest I think she was relieved.

Remember when you came home for the first time? You came out of the cat carrier and after a little walk around settled down on the floor, purring happily away, but Lily wasn't very happy and was crying a lot. So you woke up and went over to her and took her under the tv cabinet where you both went to sleep until the morning.

Remember those first few weeks when you and Lily wouldn't go to sleep without each other? Even if one of you was really really tired, you wouldn't settle until the other one was ready and then you'd curl up together and sleep for ages and ages and ages and don't sleep together that much anymore but when you do it makes me go all smooshy inside.
Remember when you were so small you fit in my hands? You used to climb up our legs because you weren't big enough to jump anywhere. I used to find it really funny but then that's because I live in jeans. Mum wasn't as appreciative.

Remember when you learnt to jump up on things? And it was all you wanted to do? And you now have an obsession with being as high up as possible, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Do you really think that we're not going to notice you're up there? Actually there have been times when we haven't noticed you up there but you usually give the game away by calling out to us or knocking stuff off the top of the cabinets when it's in your way.

Remember when I moved out? I was pretty upset. I was worried about the fact that I was going to be living with a boy for the first time but I was also really sad to be leaving you behind. I didn't think I was going to get used to not having you guys about. But it turns out that you're here all the time!!

Remember the first time you came to stay? And you were both so scared you didn't want to come out of the carrier? But you were the bravest and came out first, seeking refuge on top of the sofa. Then you realised that that boy that used to come round to Mum's house lived here as well and you were really happy because you love him a lot don't you? Is it because he's a boy as well?

Well it's only been 11 months since you arrived on this planet and a couple of months less than that since you've been living with Mum but we can't imagine life without you. We love you from the tip of your stripy tail (which wasn't stripy when you were little but has developed slowly over time) to the little smudge under your nose (which everyone thinks is a dirty mark but we know better).

So please try and not go running away again. We were more than a little bit sad when you disappeared on us. We appreciate that you are a man now and want to go and do manly things (although not all the manly things because you're missing a few vital 'bits') but remember that you have two Mummies and a sister back at home that can't do without your purring in our ears.
(Although we don't really love it when you wake us up at 3.30am wanting to show us how much you love us. We think it's lovely that you love us so much but just wish that you didn't have to love us that early in the morning or via the medium of kneading at us with your claws.)

Lots of love
Your (second) Mummy

PS Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday when you're coming to stay for a whole week! Hope you're as excited about it as I am.


Maria♥ said...

Awe what a lovely read! Fred is a very lucky boy indeed.


The Curious Cat said...

Aw this is a lovely letter and really nice little memoir too -I did something similiar for my Boris when he passed.
They are so special aren't they? They get under your skin without you really realising! xxx