Tuesday, 21 July 2009

What I'm doing this evening...

I have been abandonned by the boyfriend who is staying over night a long way away for work.


So I have been mainly doing the following....

Nursing my cold, which is NOT SWINE FLU! If one more person makes that joke or looks at me as if I've got leprosy, I'm going to deliberately sneeze or cough on them. (Please note: I'm not being cavalier, I don't have a fever which is one of the main swine flu symptoms)

And yes I am too cheap to buy tissues - toilet roll will have to do.

I have begun getting my feet beach ready (4 days to go baby!). Which involves scrubbing all that minging dead skin off them, slathering them in moisturising cream - laughing at the scar on the bottom of my foot that is the result of an ill-advised decision to walk home barefoot in Manchester and a run in with a broken bottle - and then painting my nails. Hate not having painted toenails. The nails on my hands I can cope with but my bare toenails? Bleurgh.

I've got all my clothes out ready for packing. I am a terrible packer. I always pack approximately 10,000 items too many and am determined to be one of those people who rock up with a normal sized suitcase full of brilliant pieces of clothing that work in 14 different ways. Failing that I'm only going for 1 week so can't overpack too much....she says.

Note: I am not taking the ginger furry person in the top right of the picture - although I would love to

Other than that I've been watching telly with my two furballs, we all liked Send in the Dogs - a programme about police dogs. When I was a wee thing the first job I ever wanted to do was be a police dog handler. Strange I know. And I couldn't even tell you why. All I do know is that it was the start of a long-standing obsession with German Shepherd dogs. I just love them and really hope I get the opportunity to own one one day. The programme also featured English Springer Spaniels, a dog my boyfriend's parents own - she's a hilarious character, mainly because she's the biggest wuss going. The difference between her and these drug-sniffing dogs couldn't be bigger.

I don't think it'll be long before we're all in bed where I can hopefully get a decent night's sleep before waking up to this....

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