Sunday, 11 October 2009


So far this weekend has been pretty productive. With the countdown slowly ticking away 'til my friends come over from America, the race is on to get little things sorted in the flat. There are just those little niggly things that don't desperately need to be done but it would be nice if they were done so that when they arrive I can be smug and proud of my little home.

Top of the list were bedside tables. Our bed fits very nicely in to an alcove in our bedroom but unfortunately it was the bed and nothing else that fitted in. There's the tiniest space on each side of the bed and it's been impossible to find bedside tables which are thin enough. So the boyfriend was tasked with building some so he got his manly man head on and spent Saturday morning making them.

Yes. They are a little wonky. But it really doesn't matter, he's made them, we have something beside our bed, so there's a little bit of sloping...what's a bit of sloping between friends?!

Obviously with us not having a garden he had to build them indoors and the amount of sawdust that was flying everywhere was too much for my inner clean freak to cope with. So while the boyfriend got busy with drill, nails and saws, I took myself away.

To Hobbycraft.

Hull is slowly coming up in the world, after years of the most up to date shop being Next and Topshop, we now have such delights as an H&M and a Zara and finally a Mama & Papas. And on Thursday Hobbycraft opened its doors. I've never been in one of these before and when Mum and I walked through the doors I actually went "Oh my god" We walked round in a trance before Mum frantically whispered to me "There's an upstairs! You can go upstairs!"

There was too much to take in. I felt a little bewildered and overwhelmed to be honest. I need to go back when it's a little quieter and I'm a little calmer. There is just anything you could think of that could be related to craftiness in there. And then some stuff you would never have thought of. I went a little mental buying threads for christmas cards - I have no idea exactly when I think I'm going to be making all these, is it possible to cross stitch in your sleep?

How's my finger I hear you ask? Well it just so happens that I have a picture...

It's much better, definitely not broken, I have full mobility although as you might be able to see in the photo it's still pretty bruised. Actually you probably can't see that in the photo so you're just going to have to take my word for it. I can't tell you how good it's been to get my left hand back. This girl is very left handed, my right hand has virtually no use and it has not been helpful at all in this long week when I've been incapacitated. It can't even hold a pen for god's sake!

(I was supposed to be sorting out my wardrobe this weekend, following advice from this lady but I went out last night and don't feel up to it yet. But I am definitely going to do it!)

So. Bedside tables. One thing ticked off what is now known as The Countdown List.

By the way did you know how many days there are left til they get here?

7 comments: said...

I think those bed side tables are just right! Glad your finger is ok! I love hobbycraft too. Suzie. xx

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, thanks for your lovely comments,how exciting having friends arriving from America, great reason to get domestic! Sharon xxoo

PinkCat said...

Hobbycraft...another easy way to spend lots of money without even thinking about it!

Glad your finger is getting better! x

The Curious Cat said...

Glad to hear the finger is on the mend and good effort from your boyfriend on the bedside tables! Hopefully your friends will be impressed! :) As for Hobbycraft - yeah that place is pretty wicked eh? There was one in Nottingham when I lived there and one in Reading - though I'm not sure where I'd find one in London these days...need to keep my eyes peeled. Be excited to see what you create! xxx

Sophie said...


Petit Filoux said...

Hey thank you so much for your comment! About the WW thing, I don't want to get all obsessed with points, I don't like the idea of counting everything anyway, it would probably make me crazy and i'd end up pigging out at some point! And yes, it's not rocket science is it, but it's all so hard... for me it's mccoys and discos by the way ;-) yes, a slight obsession with salt and vinegar!

about hobbycraft, i've got one in the town next door - what can i say, heaven in a shop!!

Florence and Mary said...

We just had a Hobbycraft open too! Makes it so much easier to have crafts nearby for quick purchases.

Victoria xx