Monday, 19 October 2009

This isn't just any kind of cold...

...this is a full on, phlegmy, snotty, headachey, Marks & Spencers cold.

In fact. It is flu.
I've never had the pleasure of having flu before so it's taken me a little by surprise. Turns out it's every bit as bad as everyone says it is. They tell you that you know you have flu if there's a £50 note on your door and you can't get up to get it. A £50 note? I've been having conversations with myself about just how desperate I am to go to the toilet.

Flu is tough.

I realised it wasn't your normal kind of cold when I decided I would get dressed to make myself feel better and it took about 20 minutes and I had to go and lie down afterwards. I definitely knew something was up when I couldn't face emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen. And I knew it was game over when I realised I wasn't fussed about eating.

(Note to you all. If I'm not eating, then you know it's serious. I've eaten my way through tonsilitis and a kidney infection that made me throw up when I had a sip of water. When I had my tongue pierced and it swelled to twice its normal size and they told me I would only be able to eat soup I would sit for an hour with a sandwich, breaking small bits off it and stuffing them in to my mouth. Nothing stops me eating. Apart from flu it would seem.)

As if I wasn't feeling sorry enough for myself, the boyfriend abandonned me for the whole weekend. Ok. ok, I'd better defend him a little seeing as he can't defend himself. I was supposed to be going away to Manchester for the weekend so he arranged to go away as well.

I was not left to be miserable on my own though. Mum came to the rescue and forcibly removed me from my sofa to be taken to her house. I didn't want to go, I wanted to lie and moan to myself but even I had to admit it would be more fun to lie and moan to her instead. Plus she had 2 very able, if somewhat furry, nurses to help adminster any cures.
They did a pretty good job and when I wasn't responding to any stimuli, Lily did this to make me laugh...

I'm back in the comfort of my flat now though. The boyfriend has returned and pushed the 2 sofas together so I have a den to sit in. I have all I need in here - tissues, paracetemol, book, bottle of water, cross stitch stuff, tv remotes.

I just have to work up the energy to do something with any of them.
Still in 2 hours I've achieved a blog post so that must mean I'm on the mend right?


The Curious Cat said...

Ah Lily, you've got to love her efforts to try and perk you up! Cats are good for when you are feeling poorly. Poor, poor you! I feel so sorry for you! I do hope you get better soon. I was knocked out for ten days last year with a virus and man, it was horrible. I don't fancy a repeat and I certainly cannot afford to be ill this side of Christmas - too much to do, and I'm a temp so I don't get paid if I'm ill and I lose ALOT of money if I miss even just one day...

I do hope you feel better soon! Make sure the boy dotes on you! xxx

Trish said...

Oh gosh....I've been reading backward from the most recent to here....oh I am so sorry you were ill too. Had I known, we could have been ill together...commeserating! Grin.. I am back to work it is 5 a.m. and I am sweating with a fever and chills....still...been off for a week already and like you...I am bored so I'll try. I really don't know anymore what is expected...everyone is worried about H1N1 so want you home but they resent you being a kind of a moral thing..."you were sick the whole time?" know! ARGH...and as I supervise and have five staff...two of which are leaving in the next week or two...I had better get back. I'll be checking in on you again real soon...hope you get better kiddo! Love Mr. Tree by the way.