Thursday, 22 October 2009

What's the collective for a group of crafters?

I have made a discovery.

I’m not the only geek!

I realise that my love for cross stitching is not a completely normal hobby for a 26 year old. It’s one traditionally associated with old ladies but I am proud of my hobby (kind of).

Normally when I tell people I like cross stitching, I do it with slightly hunched shoulders and an almost wince on my face as I prepare myself for the onslaught of incredulity. It’s kind of the same pose I adopt when I tell people in Hull that I went to private school. It doesn’t go down well over here.

Anyway back to the cross stitching...
I no longer need to be afraid! I can proudly declare to one and all that I am a stitcher! Because I now have an army behind me.

Ok. It’s not an army.

A friend of mine has got a few people together who also like being crafty little so-and-sos.
And we meet on a Thursday in a coffee shop that stays open late and we sit about and do our crafty things and drink tea and gossip. (I’ve just realise that rather than making us sound cool I’ve just described us like a group of old ladies. Fail.)

There are people who crochet, people who knit, people who cross stitch and there’s a dose of embroidery thrown in. Some people come and go but there’s a faithful core of 5 of us who are there come hell or high water, needles and thread in tow. I’m not going to lie, I’m not massively productive on these nights, it’s more about the talking than the crafting for me but once Christmas is over and the last of the cards have been finished, I’m looking forward to getting one of them to teach me to knit or crochet.

And it’s been good for me. I was getting a little bit bored with myself to tell you the truth. Money’s tight at the moment (when is it ever not but I’m trying to get myself out of the mire of student debt so I am resigned to the fact that this will be my life for the next couple of years) and I was just sitting in and watching rubbish on TV. Not good for your social skills.

Now I know that at least once a week I’ll have somewhere to go and some people to see. You don’t need to spend loads of money to make yourself feel refreshed, you just need a break from home for a while. And yes, most other nights I will be sat at home, watching something dreadful on the TV like The Hills or another programme that rots my brain and cross-stitching, but on a Thursday I will be out on the plains, free to frolic and roam with my fellow geeks....I mean crafters.

The christmas cross stitching has unfortunately started a little late this year so only 'special' people are going to get cross stitched cards. I haven't decided what the criteria is going to be but I do know that this little guy is for my Mum...

(I've made it back to work! Managed to last the whole day today as well although I am now absolutely shattered so I'm going to take a holiday tomorrow and have a long weekend with plenty of sleep so that I'm fully recovered and back to myself on Monday morning.)


Petit Filoux said...

I know exactly what you mean about the whole age and craft thing, there's some people I don't like to tell I knit... not that I'm embarassed but you obviously know what I mean! I go to a knitting group that I started not so long ago, it's nice to mix with people who like the same stuff (let's face it, i'm not going to talk knitting with the boyfriend!), otherwise it's just tv or gym! (Have you noticed the inclusion of gym in there - oh yes, i'm sticking with the classes!!) x
oh and glad to hear you're feeling better!

Flitterbee said...

I am jealous. I want to make stuff and meet up in coffee shops!

And gosh, those designs are wonderful, where do you get patterns and such from? I especially like the cat, of course. said...

Do you know, lots of people feel like that about these crafts being for older peeps (like Moi!!!) but there are a lot of you younger ones out there who craft, its time to come out of the craft closet and be proud! My daughter cross stitches, and I know a few in their twenties and younger who secretly knit, etc! Happy to hear you are on the mend! Suzie. x

Anonymous said...

I sew, and used to cros-stitch a lot. My housemate cross-stitches. A few of my friends, and I am very jealous of said ability - and yes, we are all 19-going-on-21-going-on-22-going-on-23, and one of them is even a bloke, so there!

It's great, isn't it :-)

The Curious Cat said...

Awww your cross stitch looks great - and I think it is wonderful to have a little group to meet up with and get creative - not sad at all, a warm, lovely scene in my head! I bet people love your cross stich cards too! xxx PS Glad to hear you are on the mend! xxx

Hayles said...

I looooove cross-stitching, although haven't done any for a little while. I used to go to a local Stitch and Bitch group, but its really difficult to get there :( Its really nice to find people who enjoy crafting though!

Florence and Mary said...

I would really like to try cross stitching – I’ll add it to the list of crafts I want to do!!!

Well done on the wardrobe clear out

Victoria xx