Thursday, 29 October 2009

National Cat Day - Interview with Fred & Lily

Apparently it’s National Cat Day.

Well according to this website it is so in honour of it and in homage to this guy I have borrowed his Guest Cat of the Month interview to talk to Fred and Lily

Fred and Lily


Fred and Lily (variations on these can be found here)

14 months

Technically The Girl’s Mum (a.k.a. Big Mum) but The Girl is a proxy owner (a.k.a. Other Mum)

Favourite habits:
Fred: Seeing if I can scramble up on top of the kitchen cabinets before anyone catches me. Sleeping on beds. Working out how to get in the kitchen bin. Crisp fishing.
Lily: Scratching stuff, especially if it’s human flesh. Chittering at pigeons out of Other Mum’s bedroom window. Leaping on Fred when he least suspects it, preferably if he’s using the litter tray. Slinking round people’s legs when they enter the room.

What constitutes a perfect evening for you?
Fred: Finding the fluffiest, squishiest thing about before settling on it and sleeping the night away, always keeping one ear open for anyone entering the kitchen or opening a crisp packet.
Lily: Same as Fred although I let him choose where he’s going to settle and then clamber all over him and give him a thorough washing.

Favourite food
Fred: Anything. I am especially fond of crisps (any flavour) and recently discovered I love nougat after Other Mum went purchased some at the fair. I quite enjoy a nibble of Other Mum’s peace lily. I am partial to a bit of cereal and toast if I can grab it.
Lily: Anything. I particularly enjoy a good bit of plastic though, especially those safety plastic things that come off jars of food.

Defining moment of your life?
Fred: My magical mystery tour I came back an older and wiser cat and consequently hate the litter tray.
Lily: This one time Big Mum didn’t close one of the cupboard doors in the kitchen and I made myself an egg and Oxo cube sandwich. That was pretty awesome.

Any enemies?
Both: Big Mabel. Not her/his name but he/she is a big tabby that lives near us and comes in to our garden. He/she is WELL big.
Fred: Also the litter tray. It’s smelly and dirty and I get very upset about having to use it when we stay at Other Mum’s house. Such is my hatred that I try and hover over it and frequently miss, causing her to yell at me.

If you could do one thing to make the world a better place for felines what would it be?
Both: Ban kitchen doors.

Big Mum (BM) and Other Mum (OM) had a bad run with cats after the death of Pickle, who had to be put down when she was 12 years old...
They went to the RSPCA and adopted Pumpkin who had to be put down at 6 months old when she was diagnosed with feline leukaemia...

They went back to the RSPCA and adopted Mabel who went out one evening, never to return again aged about 8 months... Having lost 3 cats in the space of a year BM said “No more cats” in a scary voice but OM heard about us from a friend at work.

We were born to our Mum along with our 3 brothers, Lily was the only girl. The 5 of us and Mum lived in a one bedroom flat above a takeaway with a rather boisterous Rottweiler puppy and a 7 year old girl. We were kinda relieved when BM and OM came and took us away.

We lead a pretty charmed life with BM, although she doesn’t let us out as much as we would like – probably a residual fear from Mabel and Fred’s disappearing acts. But when OM moved out we inherited her bed, which isn’t so bad. When BM goes away we decamp to OM’s flat and have great fun because she spoils us and she has loads of bookshelves for us to climb on. Plus The Tall One lives with her and we love him as much, if not a little bit more than Other Mum.

But don’t tell her that, she’d be gutted.


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