Monday, 21 December 2009

All I want for Christmas is a staple gun.

Most people don't decide to commence on a project at 11pm on a Saturday night. But this Girl is not most people.

High on playing in the snow I came back in to the flat full of beans and in no mood to contemplate going to bed and sleeping.

So I decided that this was the perfect time to make my long-awaited noticeboard.

I wanted somewhere to stick those receipts and little bits of paper that you need to keep but end up getting thrown on a table somewhere, only to find themselves in that land known as the Place of Lost Things.

The boyfriend had a little piece of wood left over from his DIY bedside table extravaganza and a quick trip to Hobbycraft saw me coming home with some fabric and ribbon.

And then they all sat.

For a really long time.


Until I got around to borrowing a staple gun from the boyfriend's Mum.

SO you take a bit of wood, some fabric, some ribbon and some foam padding....

And a few near staples in the hand later, you have...



It's not a pinboard as such, more that things are going to get tucked in behind the ribbons. That's the theory anyway.

Now it's just going to sit for a bit longer before we get around to working out how to get it on the wall...

(PS I would like to extend my thanks to my excellent helper, The Boyfriend, who basically showed me what it was I was supposed to be doing and made sure that I kept the fabric taut and put the ribbons in the right place. And didn't even flinch when the gun got a little too close to his fingers.)


Petit Filoux said...

That is SOOOO cool!!! Pretty and practical, it doesn't get any better than that!!! Well done you! x

The Curious Cat said...

Aw! Wicked! It looks ace! :) It is rewarding to get creative! That reminds me I have to get on with some crafts myself! xxx


Lovely, to hang use the staple gun get string or use the same ribbon as on the front staple a few times to hol on the back.... then get boyfiend to put the nail or screw in the wall.
Happy Christmas. Karen

Trish said...

Very crafty indeed. What a great idea!