Tuesday, 15 December 2009

An Open Letter to BA Cabin Crew

Dear B.A. Cabin Crew

I read about your upcoming 12-day strike action beginning on the 22nd December with some concern.

You see I don't know if you know but I have some friends coming over from America on the 29th December (that's in 14 days by the way). I haven't seen these friends for some time. Since April 2008 to be precise. And you may not realise this, but Arizona is a very long way away from Hull and I, a mere mortal, do not get to fly to America an awful lot. Unlike some cabin crew.

We are all supposed to drinking in 2010 together in London and everything is sorted. Train tickets are booked, places to stay have been arranged, hotels booked, Eurostar tickets to Paris organised.

Not to mention the almost indecent excitement that I've been feeling for a few months now as I count down the days.

I've been so looking forward to it, I don't think I can really convey how much. Do you have a best friend? Do they live a billion miles away from you so you can only communicate by e-mail (and Facebook obviously)? Do you know how much you would look forward to actually SEEING THEIR FACE if you hadn't seen it in over 18 months?

I understand that you are striking at this time to cause maximum inconvenience in an attempt to get what you want but I don't think you quite get it. You're not just going to cause a little bit of inconvenience, you are going to ruin, actually ruin, peoples' Christmas and New Year. Have you really taken that onboard and are ok with it? Because I find it a little hard to believe that people would actually behave like that.

I hope that if you do go ahead with the strike and you do keep friends and families apart over the festive season then I hope that someone videotapes all the people with a story to tell and then makes you sit and watch them so you can see the consequences of your actions.

Oh and did you realise that by striking and pissing people off you'll probably just end up losing your jobs because people will not wish to fly with your airilne. And also, you know you're not going to get what you want, strikes never end up with you getting what you want, you must know that by now.

I know I won't be flying with B.A. if you keep my friends away from me.

Yours sincerely,

The Girl

(Apologies for my little absence, I will be catching up with everybody's blogs over the next couple of days)


Itch2stitch.com said...

Oh dear , I hope you do get to celebrate New year with your friends, how disappointing if you can't!! Suzie. xxx

Petit Filoux said...

That's so rubbish, I hope their flight doesn't get cancelled... I've got my fingers crossed for you! x

The Curious Cat said...

It is soooo stupid, incredibly selfish and mean-spirited. If I knew anyone striking I'd stop being their friend immediately. Everyone striking deserves a crap 2010 -what goes around comes around....sorry but it is true. I don't care if they are badly paid. At least they have a job and I don't believe you ever get what you want by hurting and upseting other people. And if they do get what they want...well, they'll always have it on their conscience!

Fingers crossed for you...hope it works out! xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Fingers crossed your friends are able to get themselves to London

Victoria xx

Petit Filoux said...

OMG OMG Have you heard??? The strike is off!!!!!!!!!!!