Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Tree Project - December edition

Oh my GOODNESS it's COLD!!

It was so cold today that on my way home at lunchtime it hailed on me. Actually no. It hailed at me. In my face. It was like it was a hail attack aimed directly at me. I'm pretty sure it's left bruises.

Everywhere else gets snow but Hull is too flat for snow. You know the weather's really bad when it snows in Hull. We are flat. Flat, flat, flat. People don't get just how flat we are. But I'm telling's flat. So flat that, having grown up here I now struggle enormously with the slightest incline, I get out of breath walking up my sister's drive.

I still wish though. I wish it would snow. And as I was looking out of the window, wishing for the flakes to fall (not the balls of ice that tried to stab me earlier on), I realised something.

I'm late with Tree Project!

I know. I don't know how you've all been coping without it.

Ready to see him?

Okay then....
He. is. bare. naked. Not a leaf on him. There are a few berries still left on him. They're hardcore those berries. Nothing's going to knock them off, not the wind, not the hail. Even if I stare at them really hard. They just....stay there.

So there's not a stitch on him from the top of his head... the bottomest of his branches.

And I feel a little sorry for him. But I told him, on my way past today, that soon it will be a New Year and that means a fresh start, and things will start a-changing...

See you in the New Year Mr Tree!


The Curious Cat said...

Aw...nice post! I like that...about things changing. Poor tree...he must be very cold...and looking forward to the warm sun that will surely come with time! xxx

Diane said...

Hope the tree gets a dusting of snow - he'll look lovely then. said...

My Owl tree is bar too. Brrrr! No snow here in Lancashire either! Merry christmas! suzie. xxx