Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas 2009: A quick review

3.30am: Wake up. Realise it's way too early to wake up the boyfriend and open presents. Wonder when exactly I'm going to grow up and stop behaving like a 5 year old.

4.45am: Still too early.

7.30am: Kind of too early but maybe if I stare really hard at the boyfriend's face he might wake up...

8.00am: HE'S AWAKE!!

8.30am: Open presents, get very over-excited. Make scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast. Feels a bit weird because this is the first Christmas I've not been with my Mum on Christmas morning. And the first time I've ever been with a boyfriend on Christmas morning. But the boyfriend does a pretty good job at making up for any weirdness.

11am: Get to Mum's for Christmas Dinner Number 1. Fred being a complete wuss for some reason and decides to spend the whole time hiding under Mum's bed upstairs, instead of enjoying things downstairs with us.

11.30am: Manage to coax Fred out from under the bed with his present, some catnip drops, he stretches his neck out as far as he dare and eats them before retreating back to his lair.

11.35am: Lily laps up all the attention and plays with all toys and winds herself around everyone's legs in appreciation.

1.30am: Food time!! Take it easy, remembering that I have to do this all again in a few hours time.

3.30pm: Off to the boyfriend's parent's house for Christmas Dinner Number 2. Crazy amount of pressies to open, they are ridiculously generous. But I love it.

6.00pm: Littlest person at the house suddenly throws up all over her lovely Christmas dress. It's put down to excitement and she's put to bed.

6.30pm: Ding ding! Round 2. Time to eat again. Manage to put in a pretty decent effort, have a tiny bit of everything, 1 sprout, 1 roast potato, 2 carrots etc etc and manage to get everything down. SUCCESS.

8.00pm: Littlest person throws up again, maybe it isn't excitement?

8.15pm: I ask if anyone would mind if I get in to my pyjama bottoms. I might have managed to eat all the food but an elasticated waistband is now called for.

10.30pm: Everyone's still sat around the table talking but I call it a night. The day has finally caught up with me.

4.30am: Suddenly wake up. Think to myself "Something is definitely not right here. Your Christmas dinner is about to make a reappearance out of one end or the other."

5.00am: Christmas dinner reappears.

6.00am: Christmas dinner continues to reappear.

9.00am: Still appearing....

10.30am: Get back to the flat, get in to pyjamas, lie on sofa and spend all of Boxing Day sleeping and watching rubbish tv.

3.00pm: Muster up the energy to sit up and play a bit of Band Hero, one of my Christmas presents from the boyfriend (we already have Guitar Hero but I hardly know any of the songs, I need something I little more....poppy!)

4.00pm: Must be over excited from sitting up and strumming, take a turn for the worse and have a sleep for a couple of hours.

6.00pm: Manage a slice of pizza. Who knew? Good for hangovers and vomiting bugs!

9.30pm: Go to bed to sleep it all off and try to ignore my stomach which has cramped so many times today I must have abs like Peter Andre.

Despite all the vomiting it was a lovely Christmas and I'm very pleased that at least I managed to hold off getting sick until Boxing Day so I got to enjoy Christmas Day at least. And I wasn't the only person to catch it, littlest person's Dad also went down later on that day with it so I didn't feel like the only one with a rubbish immune system!

Now come on - tell me about yours!!


lemonade kitty said...

So, a good time was had by hope you're feeling loads better. Enjoy the rest of Christmas Lucey xx

PinkCat said...

You poor thing, but glad you had a great time and was able to enjoy the main part of the day.

Hope you can now enjoy the rest of the Christmas break! x

The Curious Cat said...

Oh dear! What a time to have the vomiting bug! So not good! Still, I'm glad you had a lovely day...we did too -no arguments! Will do a write up soon but in lazy mode at the mo... :) xxx

Petit Filoux said...

Oh no that's such bad luck!!! You did so well with your 2 dinners too!!! We had a lovely xmas day, i get up really early too like i did when i was a kid! made scones for breakfast, my mum loves them, so that was really nice! although i could have done without the extra washing up on that day!! lots of presents followed by a lovely lunch and a couple of walks to make the most of the lovely crisp air and white landscapes (and avoid feeling so fat!!) - so all in all a good day! hope you're feeling ok now! x