Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Things I love about the house - Part 7

Presenting to you all

MY CHRISTMAS TREEEEEEEEEE!!!! a.k.a. The Beautiful Beast.
We went out this weekend to get our Christmas tree, which was making me rather excited because this is the first Christmas tree I've ever had that's mine, all mine. At uni we never bothered because we were all going home over the holidays and I've lived at home every other Christmas.

When I was growing up we always had a gorgeous tree which my Mum would decorate beautifully but she was rather onerous of it and I somehow never put the right bauble in the right place.

Well no more! I will put what baubles wherever I wish on this bad boy!

We had a little look around and soon came to a conclusion. We could either get one that was about 5.5 feet or we could get a humongous one that towered even above the boyfriend.

Luckily we have the great pleasure of living in a flat that was a very old house so has ceilings way way way way up in the sky.

Decision made. No snivelly little tree for us thank you very much.
And The Beautiful Beast came home.
One downside about this being my first Christmas is that...well...it's my first Christmas. I have nothing. Not even a bit of tinsel to my name.

Correction. I had nothing.

The past few months have seen a rather scary sum of money being spent on Christmas tree decorations, including £35 on Past Times which nearly made me choke on my tongue (I wasn't keeping track! I was just putting stuff in the basket!) I have got some cheapazoid ones and I know that as time goes on we will accumulate more, but I didn't want a bare tree.
And yes I know I could make some decorations and I will do, one day. But I can barely find the time to make my Christmas cards so those kind of things are going to have to wait for Christmas 2010!
My fears about my Paperchase buys colliding with my more traditional decorations has been unfounded. I'm thinking they all look pretty good (although I guess I am biased).

Only thing missing? No star or angel! I forgot about that one essential!! So for now, Beautiful Beast has no crowning glory but I don't think he's holding it against me.

He fits in a little corner perfectly and I like that he's by the window because then, when his lights are turned on, people driving home in the miserable weather might just look up and see him and he'll make them smile a little bit.

Decorating the tree with the boyfriend made me a very happy person indeed, even if he did keep putting baubles in the wrong place. (Naturally it's completely different to when my Mum used to complain that I was putting them in the wrong place.) But he was very handy for putting baubles at the very top of the tree, even if he had to stand on his tippy toes to do it.

Now I'm going to sit and admire him in all his beautifulness.

And then get the hoover out for approximately the 14 millionth time because I swear to God if he doesn't. stop. shedding. needles.....so help me

PS The birdie, cat and Union Jack baubles are all from Past Times and the little lady with the teddy bear was from a little shop in Ashby de la Zouch when I went to see my sister.


Flitterbee said...


IT'S CHRISTMAS!!! Roll on next weekend...

mise said...

Well it's nice that you're so excited about it, and so pleased. It reminds me of my own first Christmas tree. They get a bit In My Way now, which I'm slightly sad about.

Lenny said...

Wow, your tree looks beautiful and I haven't even started putting mine up yet! Seeing your tree has really got me in the mood to smother my flat with some christmas cheer!

The Curious Cat said...

I'd leave the needles for now...you are fighting an endless battle! If Lily and Fred come round you'll have fun! They often like to roll in them and then, when one pricks them they're off like a shot! Very amusing to watch!

Congratulations though on your first tree! How pretty!!! :) I bet the tree outside is even a little envious too! xxx

Diane said...

It looks really lovely - and I bet it smells gorgeous. xxx

Petit Filoux said...

What a lovely xmas tree!!!! Can’t wait to get mine on Saturday! You’re lucky to have high ceilings! We don’t, so smaller one for us but it means we can get it in a pot which stops it from loosing all its needles as it’s still alive, which is a nice thought as well! I’ve tried to avoid looking a xmas decorations in the shops because I know I’d be tempted, there’s just so much nice stuff out there. And by the way, I agree, your tree looks much better than Kirsty’s!!!