Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Girl vs The Soup

Some time ago Petit Filoux threw down a challenge. I had to fight the Battle of the Soup.

I had made the foolish mistake of revealing that I don’t really like soup. I am aware that this will bring gasps of horror from some of you, it does from most people. “What do you mean you don’t like soup?!” I just....don’t like it.

I don’t mean that I absolutely will not eat it and never let it touch my lips. Just that there is always going to be something I would rather have on the menu.

If I’m in a situation where soup is unavoidable or inevitable I quite like it, it’s not a horrifying experience, it’s just...boring. Maybe it’s that I have a need to chew. If I haven’t chewed then I don’t feel like I’ve eaten anything.

My dislike of soup extended to epic levels when I was in my first year at university. I got my tongue pierced and was warned by the scary man covering in tattoos and metal that my tongue would swell up to twice it’s normal size and I wouldn’t be able to eat anything other than soup.

I kind of wished he’d told me that before he’d shoved a titanium rod through my tongue.

It did indeed swell to twice its normal size, although contrary to popular belief I was still perfectly capable of talking and swallowing. My Mum, who I hadn’t told I’d had it done, asked me if I had a cold one day but otherwise didn’t suspect a thing.

Eating was an issue though. And I even bought lots of soup. I had soup coming out of my ears. But I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it. Instead I would sit with a sandwich and tear of really small bits of it and then push it to the back of my mouth, letting my molars get some action. It would take me about half an hour but I certainly showed that soup a thing or two.

But Petit Filoux told me I had to make this soup and I’m afraid I can’t turn down that kind of challenge. Plus if I am going to have my life taken over by WW then apparently soup is the way forward. (I should have known that soup and the notion of losing weight would join forces against me one day.)

And if soup is the way forward then this guy is the standard bearer behind which all other soups must get in line.

Red Lentil and Chickpea love

It is very tasty, with more than a kick of spice (I may have gone slightly overboard with the chilli flakes) which is nicely cooled down with a little bit of greek yoghurt. If I had to have a soup then a tomato-based one would be first in line so this baby ticks all the boxes and most importantly, it’s filling. It will fill you up like a....well I don’t know what it’ll fill you up like, but it will.

I was a little daunted by the chickpeas to begin with. I like my soup smooth and most certainly do not like those bloody horrible ‘Big Soups’ with slimy chunks of vegetable and potato in them.


But actually I didn’t really notice them, I didn’t feel like they had a massive impact, I could probably happily make the soup again without them and it wouldn’t be the worse for it.

So I am souping it up all this week at work. The recipe made 4 big bowls, (This is where WW is going to kill me because I’m going to find out that actually I should be having about half that amount) and they are in little individual boxes, ready to make the journey into work to be scoffed down with a bread roll – thus satisfying the mouth’s need to have something to chew.

So impressed was I that I got out the never touched Soup Recipe Book and began tearing up strips of paper with gusto, bookmarking all the soups that I would like to make in the future. I expect this blog will soon be re-named Living in a Soup Bowl.

Has soup ruled victorious and conquered me once and for all?

Not completely. At the moment he serves a purpose so we have come to an uneasy truce. It’ll be a long time before I bow down and kiss his sloppy feet.

But congratulations must go to Petit Filoux (and her boyfriend who I hope now feels calmer about my admission of soup hatred) for making me see the error of my ways and forcing me to confront my demons.

If you would like the recipe (and why the hell wouldn't you after this acesome review?!), then why don’t you have a clickety click HERE.


Susie Q said...

I hate soup. It's the consistency. Why would I call something that's liquidy "food". Liquid=drink. Soup = WRONG! Unlike you, I like bits in my soup. That sort of makes it into 'food'.

Although it is a great tool for weightloss. So I dip my bread in it. Bread = food. Bread dipped in soup = food. :P


Kelly said...

I don't like soup either!!! I'll eat it if I really have to but like you it has to be smooth!!!

Anna said...

Food should be food and drinks should be drinks. Nothing in this WORLD should have the option of being served in a mug or a bowl, and that is why soup is WRONG.

... That said, sometimes it's nice, as a starter or something, but it's not a *meal*.

Petit Filoux said...

Oh my lol!!!! You made us laugh! (yeah, is that weird i got my boyfriend reading your blog? you just make me crack up!!)
Well all i can say is i'm super relieved - i kept having that little nagging feeling that you may not like it - and i would have felt really bad about it! so i'm really happy you liked my soup and it may have opened up the wonderful world of soup to you - it's not all boring and bland, far from it! Listen to me, anyone would think i've got shares in the soup industry or something! ha!! x

Jill said...

Well, I for one Love soup, especially the homemade kind.

I can also recommend PF's Butternut Squash soup - I tried it and it was delicious.

For me, the only trouble with whole soup eating thing is, that I also end up troughing nearly a whole loaf of yummy bread, slathered in butter.

Well done you for trying it.

sallyrose45 said...


Poach an egg and pop that in your soup... especially in asparagus soup.

It pretty much rocks,



LOL! I love soup, but I do have a bad dhabit of chewing soup........don't know why. Kx said...

Well at last we differ! I love soup, but mine is always homemade, filling and cosy, served with crusty bread or crispy croutons. Love it! My son loves my soups, and when he was little it was a darn good way of forcing him (unknowingly!Ha!) to eat all the veggies he hated, by whizzing it up in a food processor into a lovely smooth consistency. He who was too lazy to chew, delighted in them, and I delighted in th fact that he had just consumed a courgette or even a leek without amy knowledge of doing it! Success!
Suzie xxxxx

Heather Heather Chickpea Eater said...

WOO SOUP! Chickpeas are ACE :-D

Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased to hear I'm not the only person who doesn't like soup! I need to chew my food damn it! If I'm not chewing my food then surely I'm just drinking and hence not eating?!

mooncalf said...

Yeah soup. It is OK isn't it? But is it anyone's favorite food?

Best served when one has gotten home drenched after being caught in a downpour. Dry clothes, warm towel, soup.

Diane said...

Im a huge soup lover! I love the way you tell a tale! xxxx

TKW said...

Guess what? I don't really like soup, either! And you're right--people are always shocked!

I do love lentils, though, so I may be giving this one a go!

Simone said...

I LOVE SOUP!!!!!! My son hates it and my husband is impartial. I think I will have to be giving this recipe a try for sure!

The Curious Cat said...

I LOVE SOUP! Soupy was my nickname at one point... I guess it is each to their own though...I hate shop bought soup...only homemade soup will do - I can taste the preservatives in shop soup...yuck! Good luck with it...I think I may need to shed a few pounds after this cookery course so maybe I'll soup it up a bit too...and salads! xxx