Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tree Project - April

Hey Mr Tree.

So last month I berated you for not really making any progress with the whole spring thing. Then I turn my back for a month and before I know it you're looking suspiciously green.

When the hell did you get leaves?!

Could you not have maybe given me a slight warning? A bit of a heads up so I could have come outside and taken some pictures of the in between phase of having a few random green buds to proper leaves?!
I feel like you're not really taking this whole thing very seriously.

But I'm pleased to see that you've got onboard with the whole spring thing. Those little red berries are finally all withered and dead and instead you have brand spanking new leaves taking their place.

And when I look out of the window you don't look quite as sad as you used to, you've got a bit of colour back in your cheeks. And on Sunday, after we had that crazy random thunderstorm that had the raindrops bouncing off the pavements, and the sun came out, but the sky was still gret, your leaves looked really beautiful against it. Shame I couldn't find my camera for the life of me.

Anyway. Good work Mr Tree. You've made incredible progress in a mere month. I shall expect such high standards from you in the future.


Anonymous said...

I love your posts! I can hear a voice in my head reading them to me - I hope you sound like that!

Jill said...

Hello Mr Tree. Thank goodness you're alive and well.

I meant to ask you about what you thought to my 'About' page. Was it too much, too boring????????

Kelly said...

congratulations Mr Tree!!!

The Curious Cat said...

You make me laugh! So cheery and so funny! xxx

HEATHER said...

Well done Mr Tree, nice work.

Florence and Mary said...

You should see the tree at my parents... covered in pink blossom! I do miss it but I don't miss seeing my car covered in it!!

Victoria xx

Petit Filoux said...

Oh my. I just don’t know where to start!!!! First of all, I wanted to say I was following the boyfriend saga from dubai, so I knew a LOT was happening, I just didn’t have the time to leave some words of encouragement and support, so I’m really sorry about that. What I kept thinking when I was reading your story was don’t leave him! Exes are just a no go, however a good idea it may seem. People can change, but not that much, so if the ex was a wanker before, there’s a good chance he’s still a wanker deep down. Maybe you just need to have some time off, go on holiday just you and the boyfriend (ie not with his whole family!) and see from there. But then you mentioned about moving and changing jobs, er what’s that all about! Spit it out girl! No offence tree, but some things are more important!!! So there, I hope you manage to think things through and do what’s best for you. Because that’s all that matters. That you are happy.

Got really excited yesterday when you mentioned the soup. Looking forward to hearing more about it! Actually I’m a little worried about what you’re going to say!! Oh anticipation!!

Ps you haven’t lived until you’ve visited a crisp factory – honestly