Monday, 7 June 2010

A post about a lot of random things

1. My INR result is 2.2 as of Sunday afternoon. Hurray hurray hurray celebrations galore. Thank you to all of you who kept their fingers crossed for me, it must have worked. 2.2 is within range (I have to be within 2 and 3) so I now no longer have to inject the Fragmin. Which is a relief because this is what my stomach currently looks like.

I know. Too much information isn't it? Ah well. I like to share.

I'm back at the clinic on Friday morning and hopefully all is stable and good and well.
2. I have a new anti-coagulant friend. His name is fluffy cat and he lives at the house next door to the clinic. He's usually waiting to be let in the house and he sits on the recycling bin then when he sees me he comes to say hello. I love him.
3. Did you want to know how the baby moorhens are doing? They're doing great, and growing up nicely. They don't hang about in the big group anymore, there's usually just one or two about on their own. They still have enormous feet.
4. Fred and Lily have now gone home and I will miss them muchly. Lily had a habit of climbing in things this past week, two examples are shown below. Photos that I missed included when she climbed in the laundry hamper and when she climbed into the shower and sat looking out at me. Fred did nothing hilarious so there are no photos of him.

5. The blanket is finished!! I do intend to take better photos of it in decent light to show you but for now you will have to do with this photo of Lily modelling the finished item which is currently residing on the back of the sofa.

6. And now to the point. I am taking a break. A break from blogging. Inspiration has been in short supply lately and there are going to be some changes and upheavals going on very soon. I think you probably know what's coming. So until I can get my head sorted out I'm going to have to love you and leave you for a while.

I'll still be hanging out on the blogosphere, reading your blogs and commenting away. I'm far too nosy to go completely silent.

So I'll see you when I see you. Knowing me it won't be long. I'm prone to the dramatics.

And posting pictures of my stomach.


Heather said...

I hope you don't stay silent, I'll miss you too much. Keep in touch and whatnot :) Take as much break time as you need though, I hope you'll be back when you are sorted out. Good luck, I'll be thinking of you.

Great news on your INR levels, can I uncross my fingers now?

Lots of love x x x x x x x x x x

Jill said...

Woooooaaahhhhhh - stomach, bruises and tattoo's. That's alittle much for my eyes to take at this time of night :0)

Only joking - flaunt what you like, it's your blog and I'm sure we're all friends here.

That's fab news about the INR level - you must be so relieved.

It's a shame you'll be taking a bloging break, I'll miss ya. Hope you'll stop my blog every once in awhile and let me know how you're doing.

You take care now.
Jill x

ana said...

Fingers uncrossed for your INR level, and recrossed for your blogging break. Keep on with the cake making, though ;¬)

Smiffy's Blog said...

Hi ya, Your poor tummy. I remember those injections from when I've been in hospital...they really bloody sting don't they...not funny. Take care of yourself, and don't stay away too long. Sue x x

ana said...

ps. Re. Lily in the Tesco box (what a hilarious expression she has!), I think there's a theme going on here...

Nicola said...

Cute buddies! I love tabby cats.

Taz said...

Ouch! Your belly looks sore but I'm loving the tats ;)

((((hugs)))) for the bloggy break, we'll be here with more of those when you get back xx

sallyrose45 said...

yup yup, we'll be waiting patiently. xxx

mooncalf said...

Good luck with everything. Take care of yourself and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Cat in a box! So cute :)

I found a polaroid maker -

Take care of yourself (and your bruises!)

Tabiboo said...

Where have I been - so much to catch up on and you made a blanket....sorry probably not the thing I should be focusing on, but it does look lovely.

Don't stay too silent - I know I'm really poor at keeping up, but I do love to pop in where I can and catch up.

take care,

Nina xxxxx said...

Your tummy is lovely! Bruise or no bruises. I had one like that once, full of pin pricks! Lily, is adorable and almost the spitting image of a cat we used to have.. Randolph. I hope you get your head sorted soon, because I am really going to miss you! Don't forget us will you. Please come back! Love the blanket by the way, I am well impressed. Big hugs to you. You are One of my very favourite people in blogland! Suzie xxx

Kelly said...

Tke your time sweetheart but come back as soon as you feel ready becasue we will miss you so much xxxxx

Em said...

Ouchies...those bruises look painful!
But that next-door-to-the-clinic cat looks absolutely gorgeous...We had one just like that years ago...all lovely and fluffy and pretty looking sadly he disappeared and We never saw him again :(
Enjoy your break from the bloggy-verse and hurry back you'll be greatly missed!
oooh and before I forget to say..your blanket looks fab.
Em xxx

Petit Filoux said...

Ouch those bruises look rather painful!! Glad your results are back up where they should be and that they stay up there too!!!
Love the cat in the tesco box – what’s menu C though??!
Come on let’s have more photos of the blanket, it looks really cool!!!!
Oh, and I’ll put a packet of crisps in the post for you if you send that cat down my way – he looks so cute, and yes, very fluffy, love it!!!!
Finally, erm, not too sure about point 6 – not sure I like that point at all – hope you’re ok and that whatever changes are coming your way, they’ll be good? Take care xx

Diane said...

Point 6 has made me get a nasty feeling in my stomach. I think you are brave to post a pic of your belly - I wouldn't dare!!! Your belly is muchsmaller than mine though!!! xxxx Take Care

Florence and Mary said...

Hope you enjoy your break... you'll probably find inspiration everywhere now though!

As for the Yankee Candles on my post, the Stars and Stripes one is quite cinnamon which I love and gave me excuse to have the smell without it being too Christmassy!!

If you can't afford the large jars get a tart burner and buy the wax tarts. I always used them when I was at my parents and they're as good as the candles and cheaper by far than the jars.

Victoria x

The Curious Cat said...

Oh! Don't be away too long! Upheavals? Oh dear...and next time you are back...tell us about your tattoos! Oh yikes your tummy looks sore...but nicely flat...I'm jealous! :) And I love Lily in that meal for 2 carton!! Congrats on making the numbers work too! :) xxx PS How do you know fluffy cat is a he?!

Laura said...

I hope you don't stay away too long! I'll miss reading your posts. I understand that needs must and all that though!

When you've done your squares for SIBOL would you please please please post pics of them?

Take care of yourself.


Flitterbee said...

Hurrah for suitable readings :) Hope all is okay otherwise - cheerio, but be back soon! :D

P said...

Based on your comment on my blog earlier, I hope you are ok. If you need to, please feel free to drop me an email - I am a good "e-listener" xxx