Monday, 21 June 2010

Still most definitely here

A few hours ago I e-mailed someone and told them that I needed to get back to blogging but that I wasn't going to rush it because there's too much going on right now.

And then I really felt like I needed to blog.

(This is why you should never scratch an itch.)

But then I realised that I most definitely do not have any coherent thoughts at the moment that would make blogging worthwhile. I need to work on that and then post. Which is precisely why I shouldn't be posting at this moment in time.

(Is any of this making sense?)

There are so many things I want to tell you about - moving out, moving in, new surroundings, killing myself unpacking, crochet stuff, Stitch & Bitch exhibition stuff (it's this Thursday!), Warfarin nonsense (having been ridiculously low for all that time I went this morning and I'm a whopping 3.9 - too high too thin!! I feel like I'm on a really rubbish version of the Price is Right.)

And this is why I need to logically order my thoughts and decided what to blog about and how to go about it.

But I do have one tiny favour to ask you.

Shall I start a new blog??

I feel like this blog has been wonderful, it's been the best yet and I feel I have come on leaps and bounds in terms of expressing myself and making bloggy friends. However. It was also founded and based upon a significant period of my life which is now over - should I start again somewhere else?

At the very least I need a name change seeing as I, you know, now don't live with a boy.

So I open it up to you lot:

1. Do I stay here? (In which case what the hell do I call this blog?!)
2. Do I go and start afresh? (In which case what the hell do I call this blog?!)

This is precisely why you shouldn't blog on a whim. My posts need to be ordered and thought out, otherwise I come off sounding like I have mental problems. Just think what it's like to be around me in person.


Hayles said...

I can see the pros and cons of both really, by staying with this one, then you can show what has happened before, but by making a new one, its like making a new break.
As for the name, just make up a random word, I did!

ana said...

It's nice to hear from you even if you feel you don't have anything coherent to say. As for the blog name, all I can think of is Not Living with a Boy, which is probably not very helpful...
... although, what about something to do with your swimming-pool-jumping-in analogy? You most certainly are coming back up again.

Petit Filoux said...

You're back you're back!!!! I've missed you :-)
Right, about this new blog then. Well I don't know, obviously you want to change the title, but if you change the actual address, you can't just get up and go (you know), you need to tell us where to find you! Now I'm not sure anyone can really tell you what to call your blog, it's got to come from you. Yep, that's no help at all is it?! I'm sure you'll come up with something good though, because it's you!! xx

Petit Filoux said...

ps what's happened to your blog list? I used to click on some blogs occasionally but now it's gone!!

Taz said...

I don't know why you're worrying most of my blog posts are written as total random dribbles direct from brain to fingertips. I know normal people actually think about what they're going to say! Normal I is not - which you should know by now.

As for you blog question I'm with Petit Filoux whatever you decide just be sure to tell us where to find you (obviously that only applies if you do move) xx

Smiffy's Blog said...

Well I was just about to say, No don't start a new blog but you know I think you should, as a way to celebrate a new beginning. Living with a boy is about the past, you've moved on now. So yes I think you should start a new one and re-name it....but I'm not sure what!

TS Hendrik said...

That's something I think we all go through regularly. I've had several different blogs myself. Sometimes you just have to make a fresh start.

Trish said...

I so am like you....I like to change and get fresh starts too...and it all relates to where you are in your life. And why not? I have done it numerous may lose some 'friends' but those who are growing with you will tag along...for sure they will...BTW..I DID start a new blog...I'd love you to come along on a very new journey of mine but I have had to make it private so it is my email invite only. Its cause I live NOW...just a a super small town and have a very big my thots and musings MUST remain private.

Heather said...

I think you should start a new blog, but don't name it based on your life at this point, or your relationship. Pick something that is just you - duck rescuer or soemthng?

Anonymous said...

Be careful of choosing a name on a whim - you'll end up with one as bad as mine! I like the idea of playing with the swimming pool analogy :)

Diane said...

Youve done it before, and I think you should do it again - start a new one. xxxxxx

Jill said...

Hi - I'm with Heather and Diane, I think a totally new blog is what's needed.

Good luck with the Stitch & Bitch Exhibition on Thursday and I hope you get this Warfarin nonsense sorted out. said...

You could keep both, but change this name, maybe to something that is just unique to you,Or something that you enjoy, something that sums you up. I would visit both. I will visit wherever or what ever your blog is called. I love your posts,as you know! I keep telling you! Ha ha. You definitely need a new start now. I hope the highs and lows get levelled out to the right level. Loved the bit about the price is right, you are so brilliant! I look forward to hearing about the exhibition..good luck! Suzie xxx

Anonymous said...

Just mark the -ing out of Living and put -ed. Your past is forever a part of your future.

Take care,

Helen said...

Doesn't matter what you decide as long as you let us all know where to find you. Your post made perfect sense to me. Maybe I'm as mixed up as you are. Here's to new starts or beginings.

jane said...

Glad you are still there! i think starting a new blog might be the way to go -it was for me, anyway. New slate and all that - surprisingly liberating.

Gemma said...

Hello, I think start a new one but let us know where you are!

Tabiboo said...

Hey ho you, glad your still with us.

I think maybe a fresh start but....there's that but (or butt however you think of it!!) keep this blog but call it something complete different and give it a face lift maybe - then your not starting from scratch...just a thought.

Anyhow, take care,

Nina xx

ps. get yourself rippling - soon! It's very, very addictive.