Tuesday, 1 June 2010

This bank holiday I...

1. Went to the anti-coagulant clinic every day

As I mentioned in my post on Friday, my INR reading had gone down, i.e. not the right direction. This has meant my warfarin dosage has been bumped up and a visit every day to keep an eye on it. I am also now injecting myself with Fragmin, a fast-acting anti-coagulant, in an attempt to thin my blood out more quickly. Injecting myself was a quite frankly terrifying prospect but it's not a big deal anymore, I just have to grab a load of fat on my stomach (I knew there had to be a good reason for me being overweight!) and stick the needle in. It doesn't hurt too much, just a little scratch and I feel very brave when I do it.

At the time of posting my INR is stuck resolutely at 1.7 and has been for the past 3 days. It just doesn't seem to be onboard with the whole concept of thinning out. I'm now taking 10mg of warfarin, which is a pretty hefty dose, and injecting the fragmin every day. I'm back at the clinic on Friday afternoon so fingers crossed there'll be a 2 on the machine!

2. Went to a barbeque.

We were undeterred by the rubbish weather because we are hard. BBQs suck when you're on Weightwatchers because there are way too many points on offer. It is very annoying. But I did my best and had quite a bit of the sweetcorn because that's all good. It was also one of the first times I was surrounded by drunk people and not being one of them. It was strange. And annoying.

3. Attended a stitch-a-thon.
One of our Stitch & Bitch group is off to Ghana for a couple of weeks in August to a charity she worked with before. They are currently trying to raise funds to buy a landrover to get between villages and we held an all day stitch in at a cafe in Hull. We had a little bucket and told friends and family and people came and stuck change in our bucket and admired our stitchery activities and we managed to raise £115. Not a bad day considering we basically wanted an excuse to sit about and stitch all day. I managed to start and finish this piece for the exhibition at the end of the month.
4. Did some crocheting.

Oooh what does that picture look like? Does it look like I've joined all my squares together? Oh hell yes. I managed to join all my squares together after a lot of dramatics and eye-rolling and squeals of temper. Now there is just the edging to do (no idea what I'm doing with that) and it is finished. Can't quite believe it.

5. Revelled in getting an extra day off
Although I generally think of work as something which gets in the way of doing the things I really want to do, I have to admit that sometimes it has its benefits. One of those being that we get an extra 3 days holiday a year for free - usually the Tuesday after the last bank holiday in May, the Tuesday after the August bank holiday and a day at Christmas. I didn't do much with today, especially as it's rained all freaking day but any day at home is better than a day at work.

6. Picked up two visitors
Mum is off to stay with my sister for a few days so we have taken delivery of Fred and Lily. So far they have mainly slept. I keep going in to the bedroom and fussing and poking them but they've been resolutely boring. This is why they bug us at 3am - they sleep all frickin' day.

7. Got my bake on
Haven't baked since starting Weightwatchers because the thought of finding out how many points were in the stuff I was making made my brain bleed a little bit. However, the WW website has some recipes and today I made banana and Malteser muffins. Only 4 points each, thus eliminating the guilt out of eating something 'bad'. I will be rewarding myself with one tonight because I just found out I've lost another 2.5 pounds (meaning there's officially 10.5lbs less of me than there was 3 weeks ago).


Laura said...

Well done on your weight loss! I know that some of it was due to you being poorly but still that's a major achievement!

Your blanket looks absolutely fabulous as well - I love the colours. Thanks for your comment today about mine.

Cats do make me laugh! They're gorgeous to look at but they live their lives their way and don't care about human sleeping habits! ;-)


Jill said...

Banana & Malteser Muffins!!! - they sound yum. Might have to give those a go myself.

You should be very proud of yourself on your Granny blanket endevours - it's looking fantastic. I'm very jealous that you can crochet and I can't :0(

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your Friday trip to the clinic.

Petit Filoux said...

Oh my god you've put me to shame i've just demolished two massive cookies... like as big as my hand - you're like a weight losing machine!!
The blanket, wow, it looks brilliant!
and an extra day off? i'm WELL jealous!!!!!!!!! xx

Taz said...

wow 10.5lb in 3 weeks that's brilliant!

I hope that number 2 shows up for you soon hon x

Boomka said...

A. There are now 2 people whose bloggers name is "The Girl." I get confused now which is great. 2. I love corn and muffins. III. I hope your blood behaves. F. Hooorayyyyy (there is no purpose for this hooray, just a general hooray)

Heather said...

I spy an absolutely ACESOME looking crochet blanket! superb.

mooncalf said...

Good Grief woman - you're fading away to nothing!

1. I am amazed by your bravery and very much in awe.
2. Excellent barbeque will power. It is a sad fact of life that not drinking reduces the bearability of drink-related events to about 2 hours. After that everyone becomes unbearably dull.
3. Stitch-a-thon sounds great - where did this quote come from?
4. SUPER AMAZING BLANKIE!!!!! Can't wait to see it.
5. Days off rock.
6. Cats rock.
7. I had to reduce my desire bake like a domestic goddess after I realised how many zillions of calories cake contains. Somehow fruit salad just doesn't seem as cosy and domestic. Bah!

ana said...

Hope your blood gets it's mojo back, and pronto!
Have a look at the Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache cook book for low fat cakes http://www.amazon.co.uk/Red-Velvet-Chocolate-Heartache-feel-good/dp/0593062361
I did a trial run of the Orange Squash Cupcakes - they're pretty good even though I don't really like orange cake that much http://stashavalanche.typepad.com/blog/2010/05/saturday-cake-experiment.html

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

Good for you on the 10.5 pounds!! That's half of what I need to lose at least.......well....I fudged. Ok...a little more than that is half. Geez......

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a very nice weekend for the most part! So wish I could have come to the stitching event but London & Devon it was!

The Curious Cat said...

That quilt looks IMMENSE! I love it! Well done you! Sorry to hear about the injection battle though...how rubbish! Eat the muffins, they'll make you happier! :) xxx