Monday, 8 February 2010

Meet my new friend...'s Mr Inhaler!

So I filled in my peak flow meter chart like a good girl and took it to the Doctors and he looked at it and he ummed and he aahed and then he pulled a funny face and then I told him that I had begun to get a cold during the week and the cough had gotten worse and I thought it was a virus that wasn't going away and then he ignored me and said he was giving me an inhaler.

(Why don't Doctors ever listen to you?)

I had to take my new friend home and leave him with Mr Peak Flow Meter and I must have a couple of puffs each day and I must carry on recording my awesome lung capacity to see if Mr Inhaler makes a difference.
Then I have to go back in 2 weeks (I've been at the Doctors more in the past 3 months than I have been in the past 3 years) and see what's what.

(And I'll still think it's a virus that's not going away)

(And he still won't listen to me)

Did you know that inhalers are actually pretty hard to use? I thought it would be easy peasy lemon squeezy but I've choked on the damn thing, had smoke coming out of my mouth and generally messed it up in every way possible.

But I think I have the hang of it now.

What with the inhaler and the bad back I've never felt older.

4 comments: said...

Oh dear! It does get easier though, I have exactly the same one! Nope, Docs hardly ever listen to you! Suzie xxx

Selaen said...

mmmmmh, I've done the whole shebang as well, first the peak flow meter for a week then with the inhaler for a week.. :P Turned out there was nothing wrong with me. Pointless, eh?

Still, it's a small trouble to go to to rule out asthma. Good for future reference. :)


Maddi Makes... said...

Hello! Been loving your posts recently, and I know you already have one but I wanted to award you with a Sunshine Award!
Keep up the good work!
Maddi (Makes) xxx

The Curious Cat said...

Deary dear...poor you! I tried a friend's inhaler the other day at my house as someone said it was good for cat allergies when you can't breathe - I couldn't for the life of me work out when to inhale and exhale and I just got squirted on the tongue! I sympathise. xxx