Saturday, 27 February 2010

This weekend I will be mostly...

1. Laughing at these two.

Yep, they're back for a visit and will be staying until Wednesday. Hopefully there'll be plenty of hilarious photo opportunities like the above. Yes they seriously both got in those bags by themselves. They know I need good photos to show you guys.

2. Le cross stitch.

We have a project on the go at Stitch & Bitch, hoping to put on a mini exhibition. I think this one deserves a post all of it's own on another day though.

3. Shopping for wool

I need to stop putting it off. Just go out. Buy the wool. Attempt the crochet. I will not be defeated by the devil's craft!

4. Getting my bake on

Haven't baked anything since before Christmas. Mostly because there's an unfortunate side effect of baking. Having to eat the produce. I either eat it and feel guilty because if there's one thing these hips don't need, it's extra inches. Or I don't eat it and end up throwing it away. Equally not good.

5. Enjoying a Saturday night in
This is the first Saturday night I'll have stayed in for 6 weeks. I know, I'm such a giddy party animal aren't I? My post box is simply overflowing with invites to all the best shindigs. No, not so much. It just happens there's been a flurry of activities lately and I find it actually impossible to say no in case I never get another invite out and have to spend the rest of my evenings in for eternity.

What will you be mostly up to this weekend?


Heather said...

Pffft it's not the devil's craft!

Florence and Mary said...

Why does everything come at once... I'll have periods of no events for ages and then suddenly it's jam packed and I can't wait for a night in front of the tv

Victoria x

sallyrose45 said...

This weekend?

Eating scramby eggs, holding onto my hat in the gale force winds outside, making a woolly wrag heart wreath!

Stroke the lovely pussy cats for me... I get no cat action here. Most people in Zamora seem to be dog people.


Trish said...

Oh how very cute....wished those two would have been in my recycling bags this morning as I headed out to the sticky recycling depot. Hilarious!

P said...

Aw, the photo is so adorable!!! Love it.:)

This weekend I'm doing . . . nothing. So far I've read a bit, slept A LOT, and am watching numerous episodes of How I Met Your Mother online. Awesome!

J said...

Great pic of your furry friends. Did their visit impede your crisp intake, or did you manage to find a safe place to sneak away and eat a bag (or three)?
Look forward to hearing, and seeing, more about your Stitch & Bitch project.

mooncalf said...

I have it on good authority the devil spends most of his time doing macrame.

I spent my weekend playing Rock Band, doing laundry, knitting, watching Star Trek films 3 and 4 and eating too much. Rock and roll eh?

The Curious Cat said...

That photo is a classic - I couldn't stop laughing...cats are the best are they not?! I think this photo is strong evidence to support this claim! xxx

Diane said...

Hope you enjoyed it. xxxxxx

PinkCat said...

Oooh - what a fun weekend! Such cute little pickles , your picture really made me smile! x