Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tree Project - February

Hey Mr Tree,

How's February been?

I know it's been pretty rough for you - it's snowed on you, it's rained on you, the wind has battered your branches. I would imagine you're pretty fed up with it by now. I know I am.

At first the snow was a novelty and it was exciting, now it's just dull. And annoying.

And more importantly, it's cold. Really really cold.

I'm bored of it being cold, are you? You don't even have any leaves to keep yourself warm.

You look so miserable and see, even your berries are all dying and stuff. It's so sad.

But what's this I see?


Keep the spirit of Spring alive Mr Tree, keep it alive.

I took these photos this morning as I was setting off for work. I had to get my blinkers on and focus on what I was doing. If I'd stopped for a second I'd have realised how ridiculous I looked to all the people also on their way to work. I tell you, the lengths I go to...


Christopher said...

What a good sign. Still snow everywhere here, unfortunately.

Petit Filoux said...

I feel as battered and bruised by the rain and the wind as that tree - can't wait for spring to arrive!!

Heather said...

Roll on spring!
Is it a rowan tree? They're my favourites.

topchelseagirl said...

I think we're all longing for Spring this year. My tree has some buds/shoots appearing also.

Kelly said...

I can't wait for this awful, dull weather to give way to something a bit more cheerful!

PinkCat said...

Fingers crossed we won't have to wait too long for leaves and blossom. Our tree seems to be a little late going into flower this year. x

American Girl said...

It's 21 degrees here today : )

Somewhere there is a pool with an empty lounge chair for you!

JennyMac said...

Come south..we are in the 60s here and the sun is out! :)

The Curious Cat said...

Indeed! The lengths you go - we are impressed! :) I love it when you begin to see shoots on a tree - makes you feel happy!

Oh and on the date front - it was a wicked one - possibly the best first date I've ever been on...but (yes, there is a but) I think he's a right player so he's good because he's had LOTS of practice...oh well...Too soon for a relationship yet anway... I would write about it more on my blog but I think he has the url now so he'd see and that would be embarrassing...maybe some other

Diane said...

I went to a talk on Tuesday by Martyn Ware - one of the co founders of the Human League and still playing with Heaven 17. He has a company that does 3d sound and he showed us a pair of trees that they had lit up red, and "surrounded" them in sound that made them appear to lungs and breathing. I think your tree would look great illuminated and with 3D sound! xxxx